"Grand Design Exposed"
By John Daniel

Chapter 16

Birth Of America Orchestrated And 

Celebrated By Church Of Rome

Page 331 to 334


     As the Carrolls and Freemasonry were influencing the forming of the new American government that was brought into existence in year 1789, precisely 13 years after independence was declared in 1776, we find also a very conspicuous correlation between the launching of the American government and the founding of the American Catholic Church hierarchy. For in that year 1789, John Carroll founded and laid the cornerstone for the first Jesuit college in America at Georgetown: in what was afterwards to be the District of Columbia, and the college that George Washington's two nephews, Bushrod and Augustine, attended. And as George Washington was inaugurated the first President of the United States in 1789, so also was John Carroll elected the first Bishop of the Catholic Church in the United States in the same year.  And as the jurisdiction of the first President of the United States was from Georgia to Canada in the north and from the Atlantic to the Mississippi, so too was the jurisdiction of John Carroll's diocese.
     Be assured, it is no coincidence that the American government, the American Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, and the Jesuit Georgetown College all mark their beginning from year 1789. But on top of that, it will be shown how a business venture put into operation also in 1789, with George Washington becoming their front man, enabled the Carrolls to have the American seat of government placed in their own front yard.
     Now with a little discernment, you will recognize these little coincidences as, perhaps, telltale marks of the Grand Design­ as the Carrolls, the Jesuits, and Freemasonry played out their roles. It then should become understandable why the Jesuit Georgetown College was incorporated in the District of Columbia seat of the new American government.  And why the District of Columbia's very name is given in honor of Columbus; that great Catholic admiral who allegedly first discovered America and dedicated the new world to Catholicism and the pope. And as we learn that Roman Catholics literally designed and built the complex for the new government, it should then begin to dawn on us who it was that masterminded the Occult symbolisms that is flaunted in the city of Washington D.C .. Indeed, what our study has revealed, and as it continues to unfold, is that the evidence is overwhelming that Roman Catholicism was centerstage during every phase of establishing the new American government.
     But first, let's take a brief look at an ecclesiastical event, to catch a glint of some of the most super wealthy and powerful Catholic personalities in England participating and celebrating the longed for Catholic liberation that had just taken place in English America. The event is the consecration of John Carroll, the first Catholic bishop for the United States, who had been invited for the occasion to England by Thomas Weld, and John Carroll had accepted. The Weld family had been important in the history of the Catholic Church in England for centuries. Humphrey Weld had acquired Lulworth Castle in Dorset in 1641, and it had remained the ancestral home since that time. Thomas Weld, the sixth possessor of Lulworth Castle, was a personal friend of King George III, who occasionally stayed at the castle. When the first relaxation of the penal laws had come in 1780, Weld built on his estate St. Mary's, the first Catholic Church built in England since the Reformation. It was in this church of Lulworth Castle, full to overflowing with friends, including Lord and Lady Arundell of Ward our Castle, that John Carroll on Sunday, 15 August 1790, was consecrated; the feast day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.
     This was no ordinary gathering of ordinary people. Rather, it was quite an exclusive group of fabulously rich Roman Catholics; owners of castles dominating vast acres of land and estates, whose owners were personal friends of the King and castles where the King frequently visited and stayed. Was King George III sympathetic to Catholic grievances too? Did he clandestinely give support to separate the American colonies from England? Being of royalty and a personal friend of the Weld's, says quietly, much. John Carroll himself traced his own ancestry to the king of Ireland. But this special day was a day long strived for in the Catholic history of England. For ever since England had entrenched herself to be Protestant, England indeed, along with her American colonies, had become a Catholic mission, with the Jesuits in the vanguard, to reestablish Romanism once again among the English. And even though giving freedom to Catholicism in the American colonies was just the beginning, it was never-the-less a day of great satisfaction; a day of great joy to celebrate, as Bishop Walmesley, with Jesuit Charles Plowden and the Rev. James Porter as his assistants, laid his hands on the head of John Carroll and then applied the sacred oils liberally.

Jesuit Charles Plowden, who preached on that memorable day, when commenting on the American Revolution, said:

"Although this great event may appear to us to have been the work, the sport, of human passion, yet the earliest and most precious fruit of it has been the extension of the kingdom of Christ,(kingdom of Lucifer) the propagation of the Catholic religion,(propagation of Lucifer Sun Worship religion) which heretofore fettered by restraining laws,(meaning it was illegal to practice their superstitious and idolatrous religion) is now enlarged from bondage(now Catholicism is able to exert full energy in idolatrous lies) and is left at liberty(liberty to say the Mass, which was illegal in England) to exert the full energy of divine truth.(Lucifer Sun Worship) Glorious is this day, my brethren, for the Church of God which sees new nations crowding her bosom.”

Lets stop and go back in time to Sunday, 15 August 1790, when Jesuit Plowden spoke this in a sermon. America had just became a Nation in 1789.  Prior to 1776 because of the Royal Declaration England, had outlawed  the superstitious and idolatrous  religion of Lucifer Sun Worship which is Roman Catholicism.   Jesuit Charles Plowden reveals that the American Revolution was for the propagation of the Catholic Religion.  That statement of history has been totally swept out of the minds of world history through Jesuit casuistry.(it has just been left out of history and not taught)  England is the only country that has ever legislated Catholicism illegal.  Why? Because it is a superstitious, idolatrous and it harbors tyrants.(examples: gun powder plot, Spanish Armada)   Programing the minds of the masses has gone on since the garden of Eden.  Our minds have been deeply programmed and that is why I have used the words superstitious and idolatrous over and over.   We have to understand that Lucifer Sun Worship is a Superstitious and idolatrous Anti-Christ religion.  Roman Catholicism TODAY is the center of Lucifer Sun Worship on earth.

Now lets re-read again what Jesuit Charles Plowden says and let it sweep away the old programming and just let what he says reprogram the mis-information we have been running on.  I have used the word superstitious and idolatrous religion over and over.  Why?   Because the world has forgot what England established.  England is the only country that has ever legislated Catholicism illegal and become a protesting government.  Now when you reread Jesuit Plowden statement again it will give you chills!!!!
 It is a VERY profound statement!!!

Jesuit Charles Plowden, who preached on that memorable day, when commenting on the American Revolution, said:

"Although this great event may appear to us to have been the work, the sport, of human passion, yet the earliest and most precious fruit of it has been the extension of the kingdom of Christ, the propagation of the Catholic religion, which heretofore fettered by restraining laws, is now enlarged from bondage and is left at liberty to exert the full energy of divine truth. Glorious is this day, my brethren, for the Church of God which sees new nations crowding her bosom.”

The majority of Christians, particularly Protestants, hold to doctrines planted by Jesuits during the counter-reformation. This was for the purpose of undermining the reformation and for bringing nations and men back under papal yoke by altering their view of salvation and of the pope.

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