The Table of Contents will be the Road map for our research.
"The Grand Design Exposed"
Table of Contents
1.  Manufactured Crises A Plot For World Change  PDF

                Planet in Pain
                New World Order
                Christ--Our Only Hope
                The Lord's Commission

2.  The Knights Templar Paves Way for Protestant Reformation  PDF
          A Call for Help
                Templars Founded
                Templars Betrayed
                Friendly Help
                Brotherhood of Fugitives

3.  Rome--Implacable Enemy of God's Truth--Reason for Reformers Cries   PDF

                Pagan Rome
Link         Catholic Rome--Occult seat of Sun Worship
                The Mass
Link         The Sun Wheel
Link         The Phallic Obelisk and Dome Click here
                Babylon Mystery Religion

4.  Martin Luther--A Man Used of God   PDF

               Luther's Visit to Rome
               Ninety-Five Times No!
               The Bible And The Bible Only
               I Will Excommunicate You
               Final Separation

5.  Rome's Counter Reformation And The Jesuits   PDF

            Rome In Trouble
            Jesuits Founded
            Council of Trent

6.  Society Of Jesus Order--A Look At Ignatius Loyola   PDF
    Early Life
    Pope's Men Approved
    For Greater Glory Of God
    Confessors--State Of The Art

7.  English History American Heritage Html    PDF

    A Princess Married Then Rejected
    A Deadly Contest
    The Jesuit  Institution
    Rome's Atrocities
    (1)  Queen Mary
    (2)  St. Bartholomew Massacre
    (3)  The Spanish Armada
    (4)  The Gunpowder Plot
    (5)  The Thirty Years' War
    (6)The Irish Massacre
    American English Colonies

8.  The Catholic Maryland Colony  Html    PDF

    Laying the Ground Work
    Cecilius Calvert--A Man of Business
    The Government is Catholique
    England's Black Clouds
    Colony in Rebellion
    One Hundred Year Struggle
    Four Stuart Kings
    Back in Maryland

9.  The Freemasonry Metamorphosis   PDF

    Jacobite intense Resentment
    Rome Givers Refuge To Stuart Exiles
    English Protestant Freemasonry Goes Public
    English Freemasonry Infiltrated by Jesuits
    Catholic Jacobite Freemasonry Goes French
    Andrew Ramsy--Rome's Con Man
    Meaning of Word Freemasonry
    Old Babylon--Laboratory For Globalism
    Ramsy's Oration--A World Citizenship French Take Up The Cause

10.  The Jesuit Brothers of The Pyramid--Shaping Events During the 1700's   PDF

    Changing Times
    Catholic Freemasonry Imitates Protestantism
    Freemasonry's Encyclopedists Jesuit Connection
    The Jesuit Suppression Ploy
    Grand Design Launched
    Portugal Begins Jesuit Expulsion
    France Follows
    Spain Joins Others
    Complete Jesuit Extirpation Sham
    Catholic Freemasonry's Techniques
    Catholic Freemasonry's Hand in American Revolution
    Jesuits come to Germany
    Jesuits during Thirty Years War
    Southern Germany Becomes Jesuit Stronghold

11.  Architects of the Grand Design   PDF

    Looking for a Suspect
    Germany Targeted for Catholic Freemasonry's Enlightenment
    Prussia's Frederick the Great given Key Role
    All Freemasonry Disguised as Protestant
    French and German Freemasonry United to Launch French Revolution
    Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati
    The Jesuits--Adam Weishaupt's Mentors and Molders
    Adam Weishapt comes Home
    The Illuminati "Spirit" Epidemic Contaminates France
    Great Freemasonic Convention Produces American Revolution

12  The Perpetrators and Evolution of the Great French Revolution   PDF

    Second Great Freemasonic Convention produced French Revolution
    Freemasonry and Illuminati--covers for Rome and her Jesuits
    The Play of Sun Worship Occultism
    The Role of the Great Magicians--Comte De Saint-Germain
    Magician Count Alessandro Alessandro Cagliostro
    Cagliostro, Cardinal De Roh, and the Diamond Necklace Scandal
    Economic Straits--Pressing issue to Launch French Revolution
    Estate General Aummoned
    Rehearsing Revolution-commoners stage Riots
    Abbe Joseph Sieyes--Leader of Class Struggle
    Clergy votes to join Commoners
    King calls in Troops
    French New Age becomes License to Murder
    Participants in the "Great Work"
    World Revolution--Rome's Ticket to World Domination

13.  England's Religious War Expanded To New World   PDF

    The European Bully
    England Standing Alone
    Rome's Offensive
    England's Line of Defense
    Secretary of State George Calvert
    George Calvert and American Catholic Colonization
    George Calvert, The Jesuits, and the Maryland Colony conspiracy
    Tolerance--A Good Romanist's Lure
    Jesuits and the Maryland Colony
    Second Lord Baltimore Ceclius Calvert and His Controversy with Jesuits
    Third Lord Baltimore Charles Calvert and His Maryland Colony Lost

14.  Jesuit Inspired Carrol Family and Freemasonry
Launch America Toward It's Secret Destiny   Html   PDF

    Charles Carrol Appointed to come to Maryland
    Carrol Family on Divine Mission
    A Look at Two Branches of Carroll Family
    Third Charles Carroll and Cousin John Carroll Start School
    Charles and John Carroll sent to Jesuit Schools in France--Stronghold of Jesuit Thought
    Events Leading up to American Revolution
    New England Chosen for center of Revolution
    Taxes not Reason for Revolution
    Striking Resemblances Between American and French Revolutions
    Freemasonry in British Military
    Freemasonry--Woven into Every Fabric Called American
    Masonic Brotherhood--The Major Influence in War's outcome
    Jesuit John Carroll Comes Home to Establish American Catholic Hierarchy

15.  America's Occult Agenda--Unmasked   PDF

    Man's Greatest Possession
    America's Greatest Shame
    The Bizarre Story
    The Man 666 Identified

16.  Birth of America--Orchestrated and Celebrated by Church of Rome   PDF

    Freedom for Catholicism to Flourish top Goal
    Lure of the Word "Liberty"
    An Orchestrated Movement
    Howe Brothers Dubious Conduct
    French Appealed To For Help
    British Commander General Clinton's War Policy
    British Major General Cornwallis's Fiasco
    Aristocratic Patriots with a Catholic Agenda
    Charles Carroll the "Flaming Patriot"
    Daniel Carroll the Catholic Freemason Patriot
    Patriot Jesuit John Carroll
    Wealth and Power the Tie that Bonds
    Carroll and Washington's business Scheme Places U.S. Capitol on Potomac
    The Federal City--A "Catholic" and Carroll Family Affair

17.  Two Occult Powers United for Final World Control   PDF

    A Jesuit Speaks
    A Bogus Prophecy
    God Speaks
    Daniel Chapter Seven
    Revelation 13:1-10
    Revelation  Chapter Seventeen
    Revelation 13:11-18
    A Counterfeit Day of Rest
    God's Holy Day
    The New Age Movement
    Year 2000 Rome's Target Date
    False Messiah Occupies Jerusalem
    Signal for Jesus Christ to Return