"The Beginning of Civil and Religious Liberties in America(for Catholics)" 
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Ark and the Dove
"The Beginning of Civil and Religious Liberties in America"
by J. Moss Ives

beware of Jesuit Casuistry and Sophistry

In the past I have referred other researches to the "Ark and the Dove.  Why?  Because it covers the other side of the coin.  Americans get only one side of the coin.  J. Moss Ives gives the founding of America with the Roman view and the other side of the coin.  You will NEVER understand the America Revolution if you do not have a background of Romanism and the Reformation.   History flows like a river and if your history starts at 1776, it means that you are not starting at the beginning of the river.  Means you don't have the source of where the river starts.  Example: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin are all recognized by the world as the key founders of America.  What has been left out of American  history are the three Jesuit Catholic Founding Fathers, Daniel, John and Charles Carroll.  Daniel and John Carroll are brothers and Charles Carroll  was a cousin.  John had 26 years of Jesuit education and was a Jesuit.  Daniel and Charles had 12 years education at Jesuit St. Omer's, Bruges, which later became Stonyhurst College in 1794 in Britain.  It can be said that these three Jesuits, were Catholic founding Fathers.  Why have three Jesuit Catholic founding Fathers been left out of American history?  Why is it that the history books do not acknowledge these three Jesuits, the Carrolls?  You would be able to connect the dots and this would change our worldview on how America was founded and who is the driving force running America in 2015.  By leaving the Carrolls out of secular history, it is misleading, deceiving and changes your world view.  It is called Jesuit casuistry.  Understand when you read "The Ark and the Dove", it is written using Jesuit casuistry and sophistry.

The next three paragraphs are very pertinent in the Catholic history which explains the motive of  the American Revolution.  "Rulers of Evil" author Tupper Saussy Chapter 11 page 86-87

Quote: Before the American Revolution, Roman Catholics were barred from voting or holding public office throughout the British colonies. They were a persecuted minority everywhere but in the proprietary domain of William Penn (Pennsylvania and Delaware). Some of their most energetic persecutors, in fact, were the very Huguenots whom the Catholics had chased out of France in the wake of Louis XIV's revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

The basis of Roman Catholic persecution was political.  Catholics owed allegiance to Pontifex Maximus, the Bishop of Rome.  The Bishop of Rome was a foreign ruler who, as a matter of public policy, regarded the British king and his Protestant Church as heretics to be destroyed.  From the American colonists' standpoint, to allow Catholics to vote or hold office was tantamount to surrendering the colonies to foreign conqueror.  A crucial part of maintaining personal liberty in Protestant colonial America was keeping Roman Catholics out of government. But then came the Revolution. The colonial citizenry fought for and won their independence from Great Britain.  They established a Constitution that amounted to...surrendering their country to a foreign conqueror.  Consider the legalities. Before the Constitution was ratified, American Catholics had few civil rights; after ratification, they had them all. Article VI, section3 provides that "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the authority of the United States," while the First Amendment denies Congress the power "to make any law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."  With Article IV Section 3 and the First Amendment, the Constitution welcomed agents of Pontifex Maximus, the world's chief enemy of Protestantism, into the ranks of government. (My comments:  These three paragraphs give you the history that has been swipe out of the American minds.  The American Revolution was not about tea and taxes, it was about religion!!!)

Of the 2,500,000 enumerated inhabitants in 1787 America, the Roman Catholic population consisted of no more than 16,000 in Maryland, 7,000 in Pennsylvania, 1,500 in New York, and 200 in Virginia. Once the Constitution was in place, a steady influx of European immigrants transformed Roman Catholicism from America's smallest to largest religious denomination.  By 1850, the higher powers at Rome could view the United States as a viable tributary, if not another papal state.  My comments:  When we look back  in history we have go back and slip in the shoes of early Americans.  I think these numbers paint a very clear picture.  My Comments:  What was the smallest denomination in 1776, is the largest denomination in 2015.  End of "Rulers of Evil" quote.

To many, history might be dry and boring, yet if we have a burning desire to understand what is truth, then history becomes vibrant and aliveHistory sheds light on our present  world and also gives understanding for the future.  It is through history that we find our roots, and has become the reason and object of why much of our history today has been thoroughly censored; so that our roots will be purposely obscured.

How was I able to see casuistry working through history??   We have to have a working knowledge of history.  How can we know something is left out of history, if history has been left out of our culture.  Before I started researching, I would ask my self, what is the culture of America?   Why do we speak English?   History answers both questions.  How do you change a culture, you leave out their history.  We have all heard how history repeats itself.  History tells us who runs the United States government in 2015.  Without history we would never suspect the Papacy.  With out knowing who the Biblical, Historical and Prophetic antichrist in history, without it we look to a future antichrist.   It can be said, history puts the antichrist in plain site.

Here is the definition of casuistry:  Having the ring of truth or plausibility but actually fallacious or excessively subtle reasoning intended to rationalize or mislead.  Definition of sophistry:  the use of fallacious(based on a mistaken belief) arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving.

Casuistry: dishonest reasoning on questions of morality by application of general principles.  Like same sex marriage, abortion or a future antichrist.  Casuistry is a system of rationalization to do legally what is forbidden morally.

Sophistry: the art of influencing the thought and conduct of an audience by argumentation that is seemingly plausible but is actually invalid and misleading.  Like 911 and the governments version of what happen or like the assassination of JFK  and the lone gunman story that was told to the general public.  Remember the lone gunman story is being taught as fact in the educational systems of the world.  It seemingly sounds plausible but it is actually a lie.

Now lets look how the two work together to mislead and deceive.  Casuistry is dishonest reasoning, to open up the door to,  Sophistry as a method of argument.  How far has Jesuit casuistry and sophistry infiltrated our world.  Below is a quote from Tupper Saussy.

 "Rulers of Evil" author Tupper Saussy Chapter 9 page 74.  America's understanding has been systematically bent to the will of the Church Militant, while the intellectual means for sensing the capture have been disconnected.  Most of the content of modern media, whether television, radio, print, film, stage, or web is state-of-the-art Jesuit ratio studiorum.  The Jesuit college is no longer just a chartered institution; it has become our entire social environment-the movies, the mall, the school, the home, the mind.  Human experience has become a Spiritual Exercise managed by charismatic spiritual directors who know how to manipulate a democracy's emotions.  Logic, perspective, national memory, and self-discipline are purged to the point that "unbridled emotional responses," as economist Thomas Sowell put it, "are all we have left."  End of quote on page 74.

Now lets look at how casuistry is used in the title, "The Ark and the Dove - The Beginning of Civil and Religious Liberties in America"  What it really means is this:  "The Beginning of Civil and Religious  Liberties for Catholics"  or "The end of Civil and Religious Liberties for Protestants"   All we have to do is ask the question?   When in history has there been Civil and Religious Liberties in a Catholic country?  There has been only one government that has had a Protestant government, that was England and the original thirteen colonies.   This whole book(Ark and the Dove) is counter reformation using excessively subtle reasoning intended to rationalize or mislead.  This book is a text book example of how the Jesuits have used casuistry and sophistry to rationalize and mislead, with the intention of deceiving.  How do they do this??  Through controlling education, remember there are 28 Jesuit Universities, 50 Jesuit High Schools, 244 Catholic Universities, plus their parochial schools throughout America.  It is the Jesuits scientific way of looking you straight  in the face and tells a bold face lie, in this case they are lying to the whole world using Jesuit Casuistry and Sophistry.   Yes the reason for the American Revolution was to give Civil and Religious Liberties for Catholics.  The Book the Ark and the Dove tells how the Jesuits accomplished it.   Who benefited from the American Revolution?  The Protestants or the Roman Catholic Church.  History tells us the answer.  The American Revolution was not over tea and taxes, it was all about religion.

The motive for this  disclaimer and conclusion is this:  America is a Roman Catholic Country and the Constitution is being interpreted by the Roman Catholics.  Six out of the nine Chief Justices are Roman Catholic.  If six out of the nine Chief Justices were Protestants we could say the Constitution is being interpreted by Protestants.  Remember there is not one protestant on the Supreme court.  Now we have to ask the question.  Who controls the United States government, Roman Catholics or Protestants?   Yes, Evidence does matter!!!   Now look at the evidence and connect the dots.

Now lets at the Foreword to the "Ark and the Dove." It is divided up into three books.   The Jesuits made preparations, then they planted and "then the Harvest  time came finally with the American Constitution."   Quote from the author:   but the harvest time came finally with the American Constitution and the first amendments thereto.

What did the Protestants(Reformation) gain from the American Revolution?
What did the Catholics(Counter-Reformation) gain from the American Revolution?
Antecedents:  A preceding occurrence, cause, or event.
The Jesuits infiltrate(Preparations), educate(Planting) and agitate, the American Revolution(Harvest)
It took these three steps to take over the government an rule American.
Now you know the rest of the story!!!

Ark and the Dove
"The Beginning of Civil and Religious Liberties in America"

by J. Moss Ives

A little more than three centuries ago, in the late autumn of the year 1633, two ships set sail from the Isle of Wright and, with a favoring wind, headed for the open sea.  As it was to late in the season to venture in a direct course to the Chesapeake Bay Country whither they were bound, these ships chose a southwesterly course to avoid the storms that were sure to come on the North Atlantic before a crossing could be made.  The larger of the two ships was the Ark of the three hundred tons burden.  The other was the Dove, a little ship of only fifty tons and of the type of the old English pin-nace.  Her ability to cross the sea was measured by the sturdiness of her crew.

It so happened that the names of these two ships were strikingly significant of the motive that prompted the voyage.  The sailing of the Ark and the Dove took place at a time when there had long been a misalliance of religion and politics.  Sir Philip Sidney during the Elizabethan reign had said that the highest political wisdom was to be found in the dictum that religion and politics must never be separated.  This was the view of his day and it cast its shadow well along into the seventeenth century.

There was much religious persecution that had its source in politics.  Of real religion there was little.  In the words of Dean Swift, most men had just enough to make them hate one another and not enough to make them love one another.  Bigotry was enthroned, and its rule suffered no dissent and granted no freedom.

Toleration was little understood.  Lord Standhope in the debate on the repeal of the Test and Corporation Act in 1827 made the comment that the "time was when toleration was craved by dissenters as a boon, it is now demanded as a right, but the time will come when it will be spurned as an insult."  In the days before the sailing of the Ark and the Dove mere toleration would have been a welcome blessing to those who could not conform to a faith that was not theirs but which the government insisted should be imposed upon them.

There were few men in England at the time who had any sympathy for toleration, much less any conception of the idea of freedom of conscience.  But because of these few the voyage of the Ark and the Dove was made possible.  It was the ideal of religious freedom transmitted from father to sons and put into actual practice when the voyage was ended that bore rich fruit on Maryland soil.

It may be easy to attribute other motives for this venture, but to the father who conceived it and to the sons who led it the need of a greater freedom was very real.  It was the realization of this need and the desire for the attainment of this ideal that accomplished the end thy sought.

There could have been no religious freedom where those who having gained it for themselves, denied it to others. God fearing men and women, sturdy and courageous, had crossed the sea in ships in order that they might worship God after their own fashion, but the truth as they saw it forbade them to grant to others the same privilege they sought for themselves.  In such a gain of freedom there was little of value for posterity.

Those who set sail from the Isle of Wight in the late autumn of 1633 sailed under orders that proclaimed religious freedom for all who might seek sanctuary at the journey's end.  On these two ships were men of different faiths and creeds and these faiths and creeds were to be equally respected before the law.  Herein the voyage of the Ark and the Dove was quite without a precedent(pri-ˈsē-dənt) in the history of the Christian era.

History has quite generally ignored the Ark and the Dove.  Their names are not familiar and there is scat mention of them by most historians.  History as it has been written has been more than kind to the Mayflower, which thirteen years before the departure of the Ark and the Dove sailed from old England to new England.  In fact it may be said that the name "Mayflower" is a household word in America and has been widely used and recognized in many ways.  Yet after all is said and done, the Mayflower really brought little to America, for it was overladen with the spirit of the Old Dispensation with a goodly mixture of rigid Calvinistic theology.  Fortunately, the Maryland Ark of the covenant was leavened with the mildness and charity of the Dove, the spirit o the New Dispensation.

On the voyage of the Ark and the Dove were three missionaries of the Society of Jesus, two priests and a lay brother.  They did not take passage until the day of final departure.  Jesuits in the England of those days had to be wary of their comings and goings and it would not have been prudent to have had their departure heralded so that everyone might know of it.  The influence of the English Jesuit mission on the foundation of this most interesting of the thirteen colonies needs to be told.  Out of the English mission came the first American Jesuit mission which constitutes the Maryland-New York Province of this great religious order.

American historians, notably Bancroft and Parkman, have not failed  to pay tribute to the heroic missionaries who came to New France to suffer privation(prī-ˈvā-shən) and unspeakable cruelties in order that they might carry the Message of the Cross to the natives of the North American wilderness, and they have painted a soul-stirring picture for their readers to behold and admire, yet there has hardly been mention made of the holy influence of the little band of Jesuit missionaries sent out on the voyage of the first colonists of Maryland and those who followed them, to bring to America no bigotry and intolerance, but the message of peace and good will.

The seeds of both religious and civil liberty were planted on the banks of the St. Mary's after the landing of the Ark and the Dove.  There was not only freedom of religious worship in early Maryland.  There was equality before the law and a representative democracy wherein the people became the real source of power.  The electoral franchise was freely given and was dependent neither upon church membership nor ownership of property.  In later years there was much to retard  the growth from that early planting, but the harvest time came finally with the American Constitution and the first amendments thereto.  It was long time from seed-time to harvest-a little over a century and a half.  It is some of the events of this period and the great silent forces that gave rise to these events that the following pages attempt to portray.

September 8, 1935                 J. Moss Ives

Now lets STOP and reread the last two sentences that I have underlined.  J. Moss Ives says: In later years there was much to retard  the growth from that early planting.  (What he is saying by much to retard, he was referring that Catholics couldn't hold office or build their Cathedrals.)  but the harvest time came finally with the American Constitution and the first amendments thereto. (Now what he is saying:  From seed-time to harvest-a little over a century before we Catholics were successful with  the Declaration of Independence in 1776 to acquire equal footing with the Protestants with freedom of religion.  Now they could hold public office and start building their political machine under the cover of religion. Before the constitution, the Catholics had NO freedom of Religion.  Now lets ask the Question, who benefited from the American revolution, the Protestants or the Catholics?  The answer simply tells you who was behind the American Revolution!)

J. Moss Ives says:  It is some of the events of this period and the great silent forces that gave rise to these events that the following pages attempt to portray. (What J. Moss Ives means by the great silent forces are the Carroll family, Daniel, John and Charles Carroll.  Remember the "Ark and the Dove" is divided up into three books.  1. The Preparations   2. The Planting 3. The Harvest.  When you read the third book, entitled The Harvest, chapter 5 "Supporting the Revolution."   The whole chapter is about Charles Carroll the wealthiest man in the colonies, he also helped finance the American Revolution out of his own pocket.  Who gained the most from the Revolution, the Protestants or the Catholics?   The answer tells you why America has a Catholic government in 2015.  You reader look at the evidence and it will connect the dots. Daniel Carroll donated the land where the Capital was built.   John Carroll founded Georgetown University in 1789 and Charles Carroll funded the Revolution.   All three Carroll's are mention in book three, The Harvest.  The book below "THE GLOBAL VATICAN" by Francis Rooney a Roman Catholic, graduate of Georgetown and a knight of Malta parrots the "Ark and the Dove".  Both of these books are written by insiders.  Just giving you the missing pieces of history that was never given the American public.  Now you know the rest of the story!!  If you want to destroy a culture, you take their history away from them.  Now everyone that reads this ask yourself this question.  Was I every taught about the Catholic founding Fathers,  Daniel, John and Charles Carroll?   I am 70 years old and learned about the Carroll's about 5 years ago. 

Here is a quote:
From  General Thomas M. Harris in 1897:  Rome is simply a political machine for the enslavement of mankind. It is a monstrous despotism, relying on ignorance, and its natural offspring superstition for its support. It is not a religion that we are called upon to fight but a corrupt and most dangerous political organization, whose purpose is nothing short of the destruction of our government. Whatever it may be as a religion does not concern our present contention.

Quote from "Foreign Conspiracy against the Liberties of the United States" by Samuel Morse 1835. The food of Popery is Ignorance. Ignorance is the mother of papal devotion. Ignorance is the legitimate prey of Popery. Ignorance: The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uniformed.

When we look at history and the evidence that history gives us, The American Government is Catholic and on September 23, 2015, Jesuit Pope Francis the political Leader of America is going to speak his joint session of Jesuits.   He will be welcomed with open arms.  Why?  America is a Roman Catholic Nation.   I am just an amateur historian,
it is just a historical fact.   Now you will understand America's foreign policy and why six out of the nine Chief Justices are Roman Catholic.  America was ripe for the harvest in book three of "Ark and the Dove."  J. Moss Ives is just telling you how Rome planted the seed in 1776.  Now in 2015 Rome is reaping the harvest.  The take over of America is now complete with the pope's visit in September of 2015.
 Condemnation without Investigation is the Highest form of Ignorance.
Book Three: The Harvest
Page 332
Supporting the Revolution
Chapter V is all about Charles Carrolls.  Why?  He was the wealthiest man in the colonies
and he help finance the American revolution out of his own pocket.
Book Three: The Harvest
Page 346
The first 5 Chapters of "Ark and the Dove"
This is a copy with some typo's on it, but very readable.  Click here

Author Francis Rooney
Another good source book written by:  Author Francis Rooney, he is a Catholic, a Knight of Malta and a graduate of Jesuit(counter-reformation) Georgetown University.   What a better way to understand the Vatican then from a insider.  An inside look at the Catholic Church, world politics, and the extraordinary, relationship between the United States and The Holy See.  After you digest this book and the "Ark and the Dove" it takes all the debate out of who runs the United States.  Below is a picture of the book and a link where you can buy a used copy.   But remember you HAVE to understand the history of the Carrolls,(Daniel, John, Charles)  to understand what is going on in 2015.  After you read Rooney's book, you will understand when Alex Jones mentions the elites and globalists, The book "The Global Vatican tells us who the elites and globalists work for, the papacy.  When you know the history of the Carrolls and you read Francis Rooney, you will realize he knows the history of the Carrolls.  Once you understand the Carrolls, now American history makes perfect sense.

Francis Rooney served as U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, the governing body of the Catholic Church, under George W. Bush from 2005 to 2008.  In THE GLOBAL VATICAN (Rowman & Littlefield, October 2013), Ambassador Francis Rooney provides an unprecedented inside look at the Catholic Church, its role in world politics and diplomacy, and the extraordinary relationship between the United States and the Holy See.  He argues that U.S. foreign policy has much to gain from its relationship with the Holy See, and vice versa.  No institution on earth has both the international stature and the global reach of the Holy See—the “soft power” of moral influence and authority to promote religious freedom, human liberties, and related values that Americans and our allies uphold worldwide(understand he uses the word authority).  THE GLOBAL VATICAN captures the interwoven nature of religious and political power(What has happened in history when the two are united?  Inquisitions!!) and the complexities, battles, and future prospects for the relationship between the Holy See and the United States as both face challenges old and new.  Click on the book to price it---------------------------------------------->