"The Grand Design Exposed"
by John Daniel
Chapter 11
Page 157

"All Roads Lead To Rome"
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Of all the creatures that God placed upon the earth, only Mankind was given the ability to think; to plan.  And for the most of us, the plans we make will only affect ourselves and our children within our own life-spans. However, certain passions, like longing to fly or harnessing nature's elements have driven men's minds to thinking and planning for many generations. But for even a longer period of time, there have been those few men with not so benevolent plans; sinister minds with an unsatiated lust for power and war, a passion to conquer and rule over others. Man's dream of flying has been fulfilled, as has so many other of his technological goals we enjoy today. So if by thinking, man has the ability to bring what once seemed to be impossible dreams for good to reality - why not the same for evil? Why should it be considered too ridiculous or absurd to believe that men of this mind-set would think out and formulate a Master-Plan that would enable them one day to rule the world? It seems, on the contrary, when taking into consideration the carnal nature of man, that to 'not' believe man would devise such a plan, would be even more ridiculous.

The preceding chapters have endeavored to show that there is undeniably a conspiracy plot by an elite few who want to control the world. But it is an Occultic agenda. By subtly utilizing and propagating occult practices and influences-popularized by its Sun Worship rituals, architecture symbolism, statues, monuments, calendar dates, fertility rites and magicians - Occultism becomes the driving force propelling this global scheme to its final climax.  And regardless of other conspiracy writers who so ardently want to blame the Protestants, the Capitalist West, and even the ]ews for all the miseries in the world; (although some have been cleverly placed in prominent positions as decoys) these same writers, with vehemence, are reluctant to even remotely consider a much more suitable global and occultic suspect... So it seemed very reasonable and logical to examine an already self proclaimed georeligious-geopolitical organization (remember the pope has a seat in the United Nations); renown, in that it boldly and haughtily declares its global agenda and ambitions - and in its very name - the Roman Universal (Catholic) Church. What better evidence is needed for a place to look when the word "Catholicism" literally means and is synonymous with universalism and globalism.

As with any "pyramidal" scheme, whether it is in marketing, Freemasonry, the Jesuits, or the Roman Catholic Church; it is a hierarchy. Those at the top level of the pyramid leech off the efforts and revenues of the hundreds of thousands of those under them at the lower levels. Nor is it intended for those while at the bottom to ever know the purposes and affairs of those at the top. The lower levels are intentionally lied to and deceived, so as to make them to 'think' that they know. Many Freemasons when enlightened on certain points related to Freemasonry will honestly exclaim: I have never heard, or was I ever taught such a thing in the lodge. You can believe they are telling the truth. It is the same innocent reaction, when out of love, viewpoints related to Catholicism are shared with a friend or relative who has been educated in the Roman Catholic school system. They just do not know. Nothing is more heart rending than to hear it humbly and sincerely said, 'everything I know about Christianity, I have learned from the Catholic schools and my Church'. They are speaking from the heart. At the bottom of the pyramid they are taught Christ at the top, it's an occultic different matter.

As impossible as it seems for most people to believe that Catholicism is involved in the promotion of Globalism, it is even more harder for them to believe that Rome is the world's center for Occultism. However, Christianity for the Roman Church is just a mask; hiding her true identity and nature of the Occult. This is also her 'most sacred' double face , of which she has many; purposely giving a false and disbelieving appearance to be opposing her ownself. At first thought, this may seem like a very harsh accusation, but in reality, Rome has honed and perfected quite a unique system, using it repeatedly and very successfully. This working principle and process must be clearly understood if anyone is to ever understand the diverting techniques Rome uses to achieve her goals. Intentionally, two apparent contradictions - theses and antitheses - square off at each other, but later are reconciled as syntheses. For example, mask of Christianity being the theses and occultism being antitheses, they, as opposing forces are brought together. What comes out of this mixing is a blend of the two, or a syntheses. We find the most excellent workings of this today right before our eyes in the ecumenical movement, as it strives to join all sun worship religions together with Christianity. In philosophical jargon, it is called dialectal materialism.
Remember when looking at the dialectic what the author has said:
However, Christianity for the Roman Church is just a mask; hiding her true identity and nature of the Occult.

What is a (Hegelian) Dialectic?
thesis------------Mask of Christianity
synthesis--------Ecumenical Movement

Simply put, a "dialectic" is an argument ("thesis mask of Christianity") which demands
an opposing argument "anti-thesis Occultism"). Through the process of the two conflicting sides,
a solution ("synthesis Ecumenical movement ") is
reached which represents a compromise of the two seemingly insurmountable opinions. This
solution then serves as a new argument ("thesis") and the entire process is repeated.

Each time the dialectical process is repeated, the compromise serves to shift society away from
its original thesis true Christianity -- that is the motive.

Thesis Mask of Christianity + anti-thesis Occultism + synthesis =
Ecumenical movement

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