Let the pictures present the facts!!

"The Grand Design Exposed"

Two Occult Powers United For Final World Control

Worlds Greatest Shame
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Vatican Dome  facing Obelisk

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Washington Dome facing Obelisk

-"Magic of the Obelisk"-
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Mirror Image

The Mirror Image is imposing and implementing the tenets of the Beast.(The Papal Encyclical). Why?  Because the Mirror Image serves the Beast and NOT the people of this country! And that goes for every country and every government of the world. Those who resist get a taste of the Mirror Image American Military.
Revum Novarum

Understand the whole world is ignorant to Rome's History.
Quote from "Foreign Conspiracy against the Liberties of the United States" by Samuel Morse 1835. The food of Popery is ignorance. Ignorance is the mother of papal devotion. Ignorance is the legitimate prey of Popery. Ignorance: The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uniformed.
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Rev 13:11  And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.
Rev 13:12
  And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.
Rev 13:15  And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Rev 17:5  And upon her forehead was a name written,
Roman History and Roman Vision
Let the pictures present the facts!! The Roman Catholic Carroll Family

With Daniel Carroll providing land for the Capitol, with Charles Carroll as War Commissioner, controlling all the executive duties of the military department, with its ammunition supplies of cannon balls, shot, kettles, spikes and nails to the army, with John Carroll an intimate friend of Franklin, even living in Franklin's house, and District of Columbia donor and Capitol Commissioner Daniel Carroll close to Washington, with John Carroll establishing Jesuit Georgetown University, whose seal proclaims a Roman eagle grasping the world and the cross, State and Roman Catholic Church with a banner in its beak, "Utraque Unum,"-"Both Together," with the mayor of the District of Columbia Carroll's nephew Robert Brent, it is not hard to see the proud Roman Catholic component of the American Revolution...and the Roman Catholic vision of a land where Roman Catholicism would be given the freedom to expand to the maximum...to take over the nation...and the world.  Now ask yourself who founded America?
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Now if you have any doubt what the pictures above tell us.  Please read the Preface of the book  "Washington in the Lap of Rome" by  Justin D. Fulton.  When you read the below read it real slow and let ever word be digested. 
Keep in mind that it was written in 1888.

WASHINGTON in the Lap of Rome has been written to call the attention of the American people to the great trust which has been betrayed, and to the great work which devolves upon them. It uncovers facts which will bring the blush of shame to the cheek of the real Republican and fill his soul with indignation. Fifteen thousand department clerks are under the surveillance of Rome. If it be not true, as is charged, that a private wire runs from the White House, in Washington, to the Cardinal s Palace, in Baltimore, and that every important question touching the interests of Romanism in America is placed before his eye, before it becomes a public act, it is true that the Cardinal is a factor in politicsRomanism is the dominant power(this is written in 1888) in the Capitol of the United States.  Lincoln, Grant, and Arthur withstood it, and suffered the consequences. The power is unseen. It is shadowy. It inhabits the air and infects it. Romanism is the malaria of the spiritual world. It stupefies the brain, deadens the heart, and sears the conscience as with a hot iron. It comes, as did the tempter, with gifts in its hands, of rule, of power, and of wealth, to all who will fall down and worship it. They who yield have peace and praise. They who refuse must fight a terrible foe.(your either with us are against us) The cry has been for peace. The lips of some of the ministers and members of the Church of Christ have been padlocked. Politicians, in the grasp of this power, are unable or unwilling to move. They clank their chains with delight, and glory in being allied with an organism so potential and so astute. Others see the peril, and withstand its open and determined advance. No longer now is the clash of arms heard. The city is not, to human sight, a camp of armed men, as in the days of civil war; but if eyes could be opened as were those of the prophet s servant, when horses and chariots were circling in the air, proofs of a conflict might now be discerned, more desperate than was ever fought by flesh and blood on the earth. To-day the  City of Magnificent Distances  resembles the child in the presence of the snake. It is being charmed by the viper. Duty demands that the truth be told which shall break the back of the monster.; Why Priests Should Wed  uncovered the pollutions of Romanism in the hope of saving the women and girls of the Roman Catholic Church, now held in the grasp of superstition. Washington in the Lap of Rome appeals to mankind. The surrender to Rome of the Capital of the Great Republic means death to liberty. The people of all lands and climes are interested in the conflict. The facts given will ripen the indignation of pure-minded men and women against the Jesuitical foe, who no longer creeps under cover or hides in the shadow of some wall, but stalks boldly forth on his errand of wickedness.(28 Jesuit Universities in 2012) It is believed that it will cause lovers of liberty to shake themselves from their lethargy, and not only take Washington out of the lap of Rome, but throttle the monster threatening the future of the Republic, and lift the nation to its rightful place as the educator of mankind, the leader of the best thought, and the personification of God's great purpose, in placing within the area of an ocean-washed Republic a free Church in a free State. May God help the truth, is the prayer of JUSTIN D. FULTON.
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