"Rulers of Evil"
author Tupper Saussy
Chapter 21

Jupiter's Earthly Abode
    ROME’S GOD OF GODS, Jupiter, was served in temples called capitolia,from the Latin word meaning “head.” As we’ve seen, America’s temple of Jupiter was erected on land that had been known as “Rome” for more than a hundred years before it was selected by Daniel Carroll’s “federal city” committee from properties owned by Carroll himself.

    Subdividing the federal city, or District of Columbia, into plats was the task of an artistic Parisian engineer named Pierre-Charles L’Enfant. According to Dr. James Walsh in his book American Jesuits, L’Enfant got the job through the intercession of his priest, John Carroll.

    L’Enfant was a Freemason. He subdivided the city into a brilliant array of cabalistic symbols and numerics. Perhaps his best known device is the pattern that is discerned when a straight line is drawn from the White House along Connecticut Avenue to Dupont Circle, then along Massachusetts Avenue to Mount Vernon Square, then back across K Street to Washington Circle, then up Rhode Island Avenue to Logan Circle, then along Vermont Avenue back to the White House. What results is a perfect pentagram, the Queen of Heaven’s eight-year and-one-day celestial journey.

    But L’Enfant’s pentagram points downward, forming the shape of Baphomet, the gnostic “absorption into- wisdom” goat’s-head icon of the Knights Templar. Gnostic historian Manly Hall says the upside-down pentagram “is used extensively in black magic” and “always signifies a perverted power.” The Baphomet imposed upon the federal city by Pierre-Charles L’Enfant puts the mouth of this “perverted power” exactly at the White House.

    The presence of perverted power is underscored in L’Enfant’s numbering of Washington’s city blocks. The 600 series of blocks runs in a swath from Q Street North through the Capitol grounds down to the mouth of James Creek below V Street South. A l l the numbers between 600 and 699 are assigned to blocks within this swath, except for the number 666. That number is missing from the map. It must have been secretly affixed to the only unnumbered section of blocks in the 600 series. That section, we find, includes the Capitol grounds that once were called “Rome.” Of course, 666 is the “number of the name of the Beast” mentioned in the thirteenth chapter of Revelation. If America’s temple of Jupiter sits upon the Beast named 666, could it be that the true founding fathers soberly recognized Congress as “the great whore” of Revelation 17:1?

Rev 17:1  And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:

    The Latin historians Ovid, Pliny, and Aurelius Victor all tell The Congressional Medal of Honor, depicting Aeneas within a Baphomet, rewards Americans who have sacrificed most for the Roman ideal. us that the prehistoric name for Rome was Saturnia, “city of Saturn.” Saturnia’s original settlers came from the east, from Babylon. In the Babylonian (or Chaldean) language, according to Alexander Hislop, Saturnia was pronounced “Satr” but spelled with only four characters, Stur. Now, Chaldean, like Hebrew, Greek, and to a limited extent Latin, had no separate numbering system. Their numbers were represented by certain characters of their alphabet.  The cabalah derives its power from mathematical energies conveyed from these languages. Hislop reported a phenomenon that he said “every Chaldee scholar knows,” which is that the letters of Stur, Rome’s earliest name, total 666:

S = 60; T = 400; U = 6; R = 200 := 666

    Hislop further reported that Roman numerals consist of only six letters, D (500), C (100), L (50), X (10), V (5), and I (1) – we ignore the letter M, signifying 1,000, because it’s a latecomer, having evolved as shorthand for two D’s. When we total these six letters, we discover a startling link with the Beast of Revelation embedded in the very alphanumeric communication system of the Romans:

D = 500; C = 100; L = 50; X = 10; V = 5; I = 1 := 666

    Demonism, black magic, and perverted power formatted into the streets of the federal city? Well, as Michael Novak observed, the indispensable task of the founding fathers was to build a republic designed for sinners. Not all sinners can be governed with a loving call to repentance, with reason, logic, patience, understanding, and forgiveness. Sin develops cunning villains who steal, rape, destroy, torture, and kill. A republic designed for sinners must be up to the villainy of its meanest subject. This is why the great revolutionary pamphleteer Tom Paine candidly characterized human government as “a necessary evil.” A government must necessarily be as evil as the evildoers it’s charged with regulating or it cannot protect the innocent. This just stands to reason. Scripture shows the principle as divinely ordained. Yes, God ordained the evil to rule the good. But the details of this gracious ordination, which we’ll be examining presently, are so embarrassing to the flaunted piety of rulers that they must be concealed in cabalah.

    Soon after completing his master plan for the federal city, Pierre-Charles L’Enfant became embroiled in a flagrant dispute with Bishop Carroll’s high-ranking brother Daniel. The young engineer wanted an avenue to go where Daniel Carroll intended to build his new manor house. When Carroll refused to build elsewhere, L’Enfant ordered the work crew to tear the new house down. Before any significant damage could be done, however, President Washington dismissed L’Enfant. The whole affair diverted attention away from the demonic symbolism in L’Enfant’s designs while conveniently removing him from public scrutiny. Again, blown cover as cover. The designs were executed by his successor,Andrew Ellicott, without significant alteration.

    The formal creation of Jupiter’s American Abode on Wednesday, September 18, 1793 was a jubilant affair. President George Washington and Capitol Commissioner Daniel Carroll departed from the White House, marching side by side. They led a magnificent parade “with music playing, drums beating, and spectators
rejoicing in one of the grandest Masonic processions which perhaps ever was exhibited on the like important occasion.”

     Arriving at the construction site on Lot 666, Commissioner Carroll presented “Worshipful Master Washington” a large silver plaque engraved with the following words:

    This South East corner stone, of the Capitol of the United States of America in the city of Washington, was laid on the 18th day of September, in the thirteenth year of American Independence, in the first year of the second term of the Presidency of George Washington, whose virtues in the civil administration of his country have been as conspicuous and beneficial, as his military valor and prudence have been useful in establishing her liberties, and in the year of Masonry, 5793, by the President of the United States, in concert with the Grand Lodge of Maryland, several lodges under its jurisdiction, and Lodge No. 22 from Alexandria, Virginia.

    President Washington then descended into a builder’s trench prepared for the Capitol’s foundations, laid the plaque on the ground, and covered it over with the cornerstone. The cornerstone was a massive rock cut from Eagle Quarry, a property in Acquia Creek, Virginia, owned by the family of Daniel Carroll’s nephew, Robert Brent.
    Then, just as the priests of Jupiter might have blessed their capitolia two millennia ago three Worshipful Masters consecrated the stone with corn, wine, and oil. Washington and the other Masters stepped out of the trench, and joined the assembled throng to listen to a patriotic speech. Afterward, said the Gazette,

the congregation joined in reverential prayer, which was succeeded by Masonic chanting honors, and a 15-volley from the artillery. Then the participants retired to a barbecue, at which a five-hundred-pound ox was roasted, and those in attendance generally partook, with every abundance of other recreation....

    Reading of the barbeque, I was reminded of the passage in the Aeneid where Julius Ascanius promised a sacrifice to Jupiter for favoring his rebellious undertaking: “I shall bring to thy temple gifts in my own hands, and place a white bullock at thy altar...” Could it be that the silver plaque, the corn, the wine, the oil, the chanting, the roasted ox, and the reverential prayer were the fulfillment of that promise – a burnt sacrifice to Jupiter, on the altar of his capitolium, upon land called Rome, land formally consecrated by Pontifex Maximus(meaning the"highest"of SUN Worship high priest) to the protection of the goddess Venus? Historians who believe the government of the United States was founded by Christians will certainly disagree. But the ceremony, as reported in the press, was anything but Christian. Moreover, the plaque itself reckoned time according to three systems: (1) the years of independence of the United States, (2) the years of George Washington’s administration, and (3) the years of Freemasonry. It completely ignored the system that reckons time in the years of Jesus Christ.

    Eight years after the sacrifice, Congress met in the Capitol for the first time. Washington gave the appearance of a Roman Catholic settlement. The most imposing houses in the city belonged to Daniel Carroll and his brother-in-law, secularized Jesuit priest Notley Young. The city’s mayor was Carroll’s nephew, Robert Brent, who was also purveying stone for most of the federal buildings. Over on the west side of town stood Georgetown College, established by Bishop John Carroll in 1789. Georgetown quickly became the foremost incubator of federal policy, foreign and domestic. It is still administered by the Society of Jesus.

Seal of the Black Papacy’s Georgetown University.  The Roman eagle grasps both the world and the cross, State and Roman Catholic Church, the banner in its beak declaring “UTRAQUE UNUM,” – “Both together.”

When Pope Pius VII restored the Society of Jesus in August 1814, former presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson exchanged comments. “I do not like the resurrection of the Jesuits,” wrote Adams

     They have a general now in Russia [Tadeusz Brzozowski], in correspondence with the Jesuits in the United States, who are more numerous than everybody knows. Shall we not have swarms of them here, in the shape of printers, editors, writers, schoolmasters, &c? I have lately read Pascal’s letters over again [Blaise Pascal’s Provincial Letters helped bring about the suppression of the Society], and four volumes of the History of the Jesuits.
   If ever any congregation of men could merit eternal perdition on earth and in hell it is this company of Loyola. Our system, however, of religious liberty must afford them an asylum; but if they do not put the purity of our elections to a severe trial, it will be a wonder.

     Jefferson’s reply indicates (or pretends) that he, too, was unaware that America’s destiny had been shaped by the hands of Rome: “Like you, I disapprove of the restoration of the Jesuits, which seems to portend a backward step from light into darkness.”

    During the next seventy years, Superior Generals John Roothaan (1829-1853) and Pieter Jean Beckx (1853-1883) would pump the Society up to its original greatness, swelling the membership from a few hundred to more than thirteen thousand. In those same seventy years, the Protestants who had fought for America’s independence would vastly diminish in proportion to the influx of fresh Roman Catholic refugees from European tyrannies.  (There is evidence these tyrannies were Jesuit-fed, for the express purpose of populating America. Perhaps a new scholarship will investigate more thoroughly than I have time or inclination for.)

     As America’s public became increasingly Catholic, Generals Roothaan and Beckx were able to signify Washington’s debt to the black papacy with much bolder iconographic and architectural symbols. This little-explored material is the subject of our next chapter "The Immaculate Conception."

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