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Pope Benedict XVICelebrates 200th Anniversary in America
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    History happened April 16, 2008, when Pope Benedict XVI met with President Bush at the White House. Never before has such an event taken place. An event of “Tremendous religious significance”, CNN declared as it began. (CNN, 4-16-08). By the time his visit was over the Catholic media was in a swoon, and the Roman Church was ecstatic, euphoric, wildly energized. Pope Benedict repeatedly made it brazenly clear that he was celebrating in this visit to America the Jesuit John Carroll, first Roman Catholic bishop in America, and the establishment of the first American archdiocese in Baltimore, with its dioceses in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Louisville.

Why the Focus on the American Revolution?

   Like a ton of bricks did the Pope's visit hit my consciousness. Amid the outrage over the incredible betrayal of once-Protestant America by the White House of the representative of that power which murdered hundreds of millions of souls, I asked as I watched the ceremony at the White House, Why the Revolutionary War marching fife and drum (U.S Army old Guard) display with tri-corner hats, emphasizing the American Revolution?  What did that have to do with the pope's visit? There had to be a reason. What is it? Why is the pope repeatedly referring to the first Jesuit bishop, John Carroll?  Why is the pope repeatedly speaking about how Britain banned the Mass, but religious liberty is written in America's Constitution, granting freedom to celebrate the Mass? Why is the pope making it clear that apparently his real reason in coming to America is to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the establishment of the archdiocese of Baltimore, in Mary Land?    

A New Power Has Seized American Catholicism

    This was not just another papal visit to America.  A new power has seized Roman Catholicism in America, a power that even amazed Pope Benedict XVI. Never have we ever seen such an out poring of enthusiasm conveyed by television as what took place at Yankee Stadium...Rome is mightily on the march...The pope gathered up the whole history of Roman Catholicism in America, since the Revolution of 1776 in his mission to America...for a purpose. He is undoubtedly the most intelligent pope the papacy has had in a while. His incredible stamina for 81 years of age sustained him in an absolute whirlwind of intense meetings in a densely packed schedule. His intellectual focus is spurring on American Catholicism. More people crowd St. Peter's to hear what this pope has to say , than thronged it to see the actor pope, John Paul II. He is a man deeply beloved by the Catholic people for his Catholic piety, and his devotion to the interests of Roman Catholicism.
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