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Is the Inquisition over?

According to The American Textbook of Popery:

The usurped power of the Romish Prelates and Inquisitors to imprision, torture, confiscate, condemn, and burn Protestants, is only suspended in its operation.

The assertion of right is not abandoned; and the exercise of the sway is not abolished. Papal statutes respecting the Inquisition must be valid as long as the pontificate endures [popes are supposedly infallible]. The enactments of the Council of Trent will have the authority of Popish law, until the overthrow of Babylon the Great. All Roman Prelates and Priests in Protestant countries are authorized ever to adopt the appointed regulations and customs of the Inquisition; both in the shameless methods of the Confessional, and in the more excruciating terrors of the Masshouse dungeons. The preceding decretals, rescripts, rules, and cannons, as transcribed from the Directory for the Inquisition, and the bulls of more than twenty Popes during a period of nearly four hundred years, are the common law of the Papacy upon this subject; the full obligations of which, according to their casuistry and decisions, are universal and permanent.

...That the above canons and rules for the extirpation of heresy or Protestantism are in full authority, and that the enforcement of them is only delayed to "a more convenient season," is self-evident; when we advert to the "profession of faith of Pope Pius IV" which every Roman Priest ratifies by his oath; and which is the solemnly announced creed of every Papist. In that document are the following articles. "I acknowledge the Roman Church as the mother and mistress of all churches: and I promise true obedience to the Bishop of Rome, successor to Peter, Prince of the Apostles and the Vicar of Jesus Christ. I most steadfastly admit and embrace apostolical and ecclesiastical traditions, and all other observances and constitutions of the same church.--I also admit the holy scripture according to that sense, which our holy mother the church has held, and does hold, to which it belong to judge the true sense and interpretation of the scriptures; neither will I ever take and interpret them otherwise than according to the unanaimous consent of the fathers.--I likewise undoubtedly receive and profess all things delivered, defined, and declared by the canons and general Councils, and particularly by the Council of Trent: and I condemn, reject, and anathematize all things contrary thereto, and all heresies which the church has condemned, rejected, and anathematized.--I do freely profess, and sincerely hold this faith, without which no one can be saved."

Thus it is explicitly declared, that the belief of all the decretals, canons, extravagants, and bulls of the successive Roman Pontiffs and Popish Councils in every age during the last 1200 years, is essential to salvation...

...Where can you travel about Europe, and not find the deathless proofs of the sanguinary spirit and merciless exhibition of Popery? Cities, towns, villages, and other spots consecrated by the Christian's prayers and tears, and hallowed by the martyr's blood, continuously bring before your eyes, the prophetic vision, Revelation 17; "The woman sitting upon the scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy; drunken with the blood of the Saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus;" delighted with the work of death which she had enjoined, and exulting in the racks, and daggers, and poison, and fires which that "Mystery" had invented and coerced into ceaseless and universal application? Greater numbers of mankind have been murdered by the Papal hierarchy, on the account of the Christian religion, than have untimely perished from any other cause.

The inquisitional chairs

This instrument of torture comes in different versions. We are first going to examine their common features and, then, their differences. All of them have common features, in that they are covered with spikes on the back, on the arm-rests, on the seat, on the leg-rests and on the foot-rests. The chair exhibited at the museum of San Gimignano has 1300 spikes, a real "carpet" of spikes . One version has a bar screwed on the lower portion of the chair, by the victim's feet, which by a screw mechanism forced the back of the legs against the spikes, thus penetrating the flesh of the victim. Another version had two bars immobilising the victim's wrists forcing his forearms against the arm-rests resulting in the flesh being penetrated by the spikes.  Another version had a bar at chest height, to immobilize the victim's bust, while the spiked seat had holes to allow the victim's bottom to be 'heated" by hot coals placed under the seat, causing painful burns, but still keeping the victim conscious.  The strength of this instrument lies mainly in the psychological terror it causes and the threat that the torture will get increasingly worse, conforming to a model where the pain starts off easy and then gets progressively worse. The idea is that the Inquisitors can interrupt it at any stage, upon visual inspection of the damages that have been inflicted.  This instrument was used in Germany up to the 1800s, in Italy and in Spain up to the end of the 1700s, in France, in Great Britain and in the other central European countries, according to certain sources, up until the end of 1800s.

The maiden of Nuremberg

The name of this instrument seems to have originated from a prototype that was built in the town of Nuremberg. It is also said that this sort of sarcophagus had the face of a maiden carved on its front door, probably with the aim of making this horrible container look more refined. This instrument has four main features, whose wickedness, I think, deserve to be analyzed. The inside of the sarcophagus was fitted with spikes designed to pierce different parts of the body, but miss the vital organs, so that the victim was kept alive, in an upright position.  Its second feature is that the victims were kept in an extremely confined space to increase their suffering. Its third feature was that the device could be opened and closed without letting the victim, who had been pierced from the front and the back, get away. Its fourth feature was that the container was so thick that no shrieks and moaning could be heard from outside unless the doors were opened. When the sarcophagus doors were shut again, the spikes pierced exactly the same parts of the body as before, and thus no relief was ever possible. This instrument can be defined both a torture and a death instrument.

The Garrotte

This instrument bears a Spanish name because it was "improved" in Spain, where it became the official instrument of capital punishment. It remained in use until 1975, when the last person to be executed was a young student who was later found to be innocent. This incident was one of the arguments used for the abolition of death penalty in that country.  This instrument has very ancient origins. Simply put, a pole was driven into the ground and a rope was tied around the victim's neck. But if the pole was not very thick and the rope was tightened behind the pole, the neck of the victim could be tightened more gradually and easily released.  This sort of torture was used all over the world as testified by etchings.  The string tying the victim's neck to the pole could be made of a material that would shrink once wetted, so that the victim would slowly suffocate as it dried. The "improved" Spanish version of this instrument was used for executions. It had a steel collar, larger in size than the victim's neck to prevent strangulation, but, at the same time, tight enough to immobilize the head and the neck.  Preventing neck and head movement was necessary because it allowed the victim's cervical vertebrae to be penetrated by a steel tip, moved by a screw mechanism positioned in the rear of the pole. In theory, such penetration was to be quick and precise, thus, able to administer a rapid and certain death.  Actually, though, the possibility of error and failure is so high that I leave it to the imagination of the reader to consider the suffering it actually inflicted.


These devices had two main features: They exposed the victims to ridicule by forcing them to wear a ridiculous likeness, and, at the same time, they inflicted mortification and physical torture by occluding the victims' mouth or nose and covering their eyes. As we can see in the picture number 3, the victim's mouth was stopped up with a ball to prevent her from screaming and moaning.  The long ears represented the ears of an ass. In Europe, many negative characteristics were attributed to this animal. Even today, donkeys are considered to be the stupid version of horses and the epithet "ass" is still used, in Italy, France and Spain, to define a stupid person.  The version with a pig nose or even a pig head, symbolizes someone dirty. The word pig, when referred to a person, is considered offensive in all European languages.

The heretics fork

Prongs rammed into the flesh, under the chin and above the chest. A small collar supported the instrument in such a manner that the victims were forced to hold their head erect, thus preventing any movement.This instrument consisted of two little forks one set against the other, with the fourThe forks did not penetrate any vital points, and thus suffering was prolonged and death avoided. Obviously the victims' hands were tied behind their back.


The Inquisition got its bloody start during the long and vicious Albigensian Crusade, where southern France was devastated by a coalition of greedy lords from the north. There was a basic problem distinguishing devout Catholics from heretic Cathars, which inspired one crusader to say, "Slay them all, God will know his own," and act accordingly.

Those who were executed or publicly punished in some way were done so in a closing spectacle even grander than the general sermon at the beginning. The Church did not take the blame for the death penalty; instead, it "relaxed" the victims into the tender mercies of the State, which would then conduct the actual immolation. But to claim the Church was therefore not responsible for the burnings is about as believable as that it was the low-ranking guards behind the photographed horrors in Iraq.
An inheritance of iniquity
     The Inquisition left in its wake a vast legacy of profound evil. It refashioned the Catholic Church into an intellectual dictatorship, a religious police-state where the appearance of conformity remains all-important. To this day, secrecy still rules. And society has paid the price.
     The papacy, whose tool it was, should be held in utter contempt and horror. After all, was not the Inquisition the polar opposite of everything good that the Church claims to be?
     Perhaps the awareness of what people can do to their fellow humans in the name of God is just too awful to contemplate for long. Given the reactions to the sickening pictures from Iraq, that may indeed be so.
     In any event, the Inquisition itself endures. And now the former head of its modern incarnation has become the Supreme Pontiff.
Catholic Inquisition - The Torture Tools
            Most people have some knowledge of the Holocaust. The 6 years of torture and atrocities that the Jews suffered under Hitler and the Nazis during the Second World War. While in no way downplaying the terrible events of the Holocaust, such a massacre does not compare to the severity to the torture and murder that took place under Papal authority during the 605 years of the Inquisition .

     From the beginning of the Papacy, until the present time, it is estimated by credible historians that more than 50,000,000 men and women have been slaughtered for the crime of heresy charged against them by Papal Rome. This Video contains actual photographs of some of the instruments of torture that were used. Please make it known to others.
The Torture Tools Video

Audio Library on the Inquistion and much more  Click here

Check out this short but excellent utube video of what Christianity really is and where it came from. After Constintine slaughtered the "TRUE" followers of Jesus Christ.

It is proposed that the Roman Catholic citizen of the United States shall be carried along step by step, in the following process of training the duties of citizenship: he shall be brought to recognize his Church as the only custodian of God's law; that the Pope is infallible and therefore as the vicegerent of God, has plenary and sole power to interpret that law, and can not err in its interpretation; that he shall find his only "guide in the Church" in deciding whether he shall obey or disobey the civil laws of the state that the pope is the infallible representative of all truth in the world, and infallibly employs all the power and authority of the Church; that, as he can not err in any thing concerning faith and morals, he must, in their domain, be implicitly obeyed; that, as the pope is infallible as the chief instructor in doctrine and duty, his prelates are also infallible as his subordinate workers; that the pope as he shall speak through the mouths of these prelates, must be obeyed absolutely and uninquiringly - all his utterances being taken as the voice of God, coming directly from his throne in the heavens; and that infamy in this life and eternal damnation in that to come will be the inevitable doom of all who shall impiously reject these teachings.

Therefore, the idea he intended to convey was this: that the religion which had received a "nets impulse" in the United States was that which taught the subordination of all civil governments to the Church and the Papacy! It was not the true religion which was exemplified in the life and example of Christ, and which has its foundation in charity and love; but that which places The Pope above all kingdoms and peoples, and requires every human being to pay him homage and fidelity.

In the pastoral letter issued by this Council, the relation of the Roman Catholic Church to the government and laws of this country is discussed. There is a tone of ecclesiastical authority and command employed by its authors which tends to show an impression existing in their minds that they were addressing an papacy not accustomed to question their authority or controvert their propositions. Hence, they proceed, without indirection, to lay it down as an axiom in the science of all government, not to be disputed, that the civil power is never absolute or independent. Inasmuch as "all power is of God," there must exist some delegated authority upon earth, which, representing God, must constitute the tribunal of last resort. Upon this tribunal alone all absolute power is conferred, no matter what the form of government. If it be a monarchy, the king must be held in subjection to it; and if a democracy, the people must be taught that it is above them.

Founding their theory of government upon this idea, they proceed to show how differently the principle operates in "the Catholic system" and in the Protestant system. In the latter, according to them, "the individual is the ultimate judge of what the law of God commands or forbids;" while in the former, "the Catholic has a guide in the Church, as a divine institution, which enables him to discriminate between what the law of God forbids or allows;" so that when the Church shall instruct him that any particular law of the state is contrary to God's law, he is thereby forbidden to pay obedience to it. According to the Protestant system, in their opinion, the state is exposed to disorder and anarchy, because the authority by which it is governed has no warrant for its character as divine. The reverse they insist to be the case in the "Catholic system;" and, therefore, because it has this divine authority in the Church and not in itself, "the state is bound to recognize" the Roman Catholic Church as the sole depository of the delegated power to decide what laws shall be obeyed and what disobeyed.

The Second National Council of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy of the United States, the relation of the Roman Catholic Church to the government and laws of this country were discussed. There is a tone of ecclesiastical authority and command employed by its authors which tends to show an impression existing in their minds that they were addressing a papacy not accustomed to question their authority or controvert their propositions. Hence, they proceed, without indirection, to lay it down as an axiom in the science of all government, not to be disputed, that the civil power is never absolute or independent. Inasmuch as "all power is of God," there must exist some delegated authority upon earth, which, representing God, must constitute the tribunal of last resort. Upon this tribunal alone all absolute power is conferred, no matter what the form of government. If it be a monarchy, the king must be held in subjection to it; and if a democracy, the people must be taught that it is above them.

                                                         The Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes

Revelation 2:15, "So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate."

In the Ephesian Age,  the word, Nicolaitane, comes from two Greek words: Nikao which means to conquer, and Lao which means the laity. Nicolaitane means, "to conquer the laity." Now why is this such a terrible thing? It is terrible because God has never placed His church in the hands of an elected leadership which moves with political mindedness. He has placed His church in the care of God- ordained, Spirit-filled, Word-living men who lead the people through feeding them the Word. He has not separated the people into classes so that the masses are led by a holy priesthood. It is true that the leadership must be holy, but then so must be the whole congregation. Further, there is no place in the Word where priests or ministers or such mediate between God and the people, nor is there a place where they are separated in their worship of the Lord.

God wants all to love and serve Him together. Nicolaitanism destroys those precepts and instead separates the ministers from the people and makes the leaders overlords instead of servants. Now this doctrine actually started as a deed in the first age. It appears that the problem lay in two words: "elders" (presbyters) and "overseers" (bishops). Though Scripture shows that there are several elders in each church, some began (Ignatius among them) to teach that the idea of a bishop was one of preeminence or authority and CONtrol over the elders. Now the truth of the matter is the word "elder" signifies who the person is, while the word "bishop" signifies the office of the same man. The elder is the man. Bishop is the office of the man. "Elder" always has and always will refer simply to a man's chronological age in the Lord. He is an elder, not because he is elected or ordained, etc., but because he IS OLDER. He is more seasoned, trained, not a novice, reliable because of experience and long standing proof of his Christian experience. But no, the bishops did not stick to the epistles of Paul, but rather they went to Paul's account of the time he called the elders from Ephesus to Miletus in Acts 20.

In verse 17 the record states, "elders" were called and then in verse 28 they are called overseers (bishops). And these bishops, (no doubt political minded and anxious for power) insisted that Paul had given the meaning that "overseers" were more than the local elder with official capacity only in his own church. To them a bishop was now one with extended authority over many local leaders. Such a concept was neither Scriptural nor historical, yet even a man of the stature of Polycarp leaned toward such organization. Thus, that which started as a deed in the first age was made a literal doctrine and so it is today.

Bishops still claim power to control men and deal with them as they desire, placing them where they so will in the ministry. This denies the leadership of the Holy Ghost Who said, "Separate Me Paul and Barnabas for the work whereunto I have called them." This is anti-Word and anti-Christ. Matthew 20:25-28, "But Jesus called them unto Him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you; but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; and whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give His life a ransom for many." Matthew 23:8-9, "But be not ye called Rabbi: for One is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren. And call no man your father upon the earth: for One is your Father, Which is in heaven."

In order to clarify this even more, let me explain Nicolaitanism in this way. You recall that in Revelation 13:3 it says, "And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death: and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast." Now we know that the wounded head was the pagan Roman Empire, that great political world power. This head rose again as the "Roman Catholic spiritual empire." Now watch this carefully. What did political pagan Rome do that was the basis of her success? She, "divided and conquered." (Satan's doctrine)That was the seed of Rome — divide and conquer. Her iron teeth tore and devoured. Whom she tore and devoured could not rise again as when she destroyed Carthage and sowed her to salt. The same iron seed remained in her when she arose as the false church, and her policy has remained the same — divide and conquer. That is Nicolaitanism and God hates it.

Now it is a well known historical fact that when this error crept into the church, men began to vie for the office of bishop with the result that this position was being given to the more educated and materially-progressive and politically-minded men. Human knowledge and program began to take over Divine wisdom's place and the Holy Spirit no longer controlled. This was indeed a tragic evil, for the bishops began to maintain that it no longer required a transparent Christian character to minister either the Word or the rites in the church for it was the elements and the ceremony that counted. This allowed evil men (seducers) to rend the flock.

With the man-made doctrine of the elevation of bishops to a place not accorded them in Scripture, the next step was the handing out of graded titles that built up into a religious hierarchy; for soon there were archbishops over bishops and cardinals over the archbishops and by the time of Boniface the third there was a pope over all, a Pontiff (Pontifex Maximus).

What with the Nicolaitane doctrine and the amalgamation of Christianity with Babylonianism the net results had to be what Ezekiel saw in chapter Ezekiel 8:10, "So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, portrayed upon the wall around." Revelation 18:2, "And he cried mightily, with a strong voice saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and cage of every unclean and hateful bird, for all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornications."

Now this Nicolaitane doctrine, this rule that was established in the church did not hit it off too well with a lot of the people for they could read the odd epistle or essay on the Word written by some godly person. So what did the church do? It excommunicated the righteous teachers and burned the scrolls. They said, "It takes a special education to read and understand the Word. Why even Peter said that many things Paul wrote were hard to understand." Having taken away the Word from the people, it soon came to the people listening only to what the priest had to say, and doing what he told them. They called that ,God and His holy Word. They took over the minds and lives of the people and made them the servants of a despotic priesthood.

Now if you want proof that the Catholic Church demands the lives and minds of men, just listen to the edict of Theodosius X. Theodosius' First Edict.

This edict was issued immediately after he was baptized by the First Church of Rome. "We three emperors will that our subjects steadfastly adhere to the religion which was taught by Saint Peter to the Romans, which has been faithfully preserved by tradition and which is now professed by the pontiff, Damasus of Rome, and Peter, bishop of Alexandria, a man of Apostolic holiness according to the institution of the Apostles, and the doctrine of the Gospel; let us believe in one Godhead of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, of equal majesty in the Holy Trinity. (Trinity is directly from Babylon). It is a hoax! We order that the adherents of this faith be called Catholic Christians; we brand all the senseless followers of the other religions with the infamous name of heretics, and forbid their conventicles assuming the name of churches. Besides the condemnation of divine justice, they must expect the heavy penalty which our authority, guided by heavenly wisdom shall think proper to inflict ."

The fifteen penal laws that this emperor issued in as many years deprived the evangelicals of all rights to the exercise of their religion, excluded them from all civil offices, and threatened them with fines, confiscation, banishment and even in some cases, death.

Do you know what? We are headed right that way today.

The Roman Catholic Church calls herself the Mother church. She calls herself the first or original church. That is absolutely correct. She was the original First Church of Rome that backslid and went into sin. She was the first that organized  religion (Organized Christianity's Prostitution Cover-UP).

In her was found the deeds and then the doctrine of Nicolaitanism. No one will deny that she is a mother. She is a mother and has produced daughters. Now a daughter comes out of a woman. A woman (robed in scarlet )is sitting on the seven hills of Rome. She is a harlot and has borne daughters. Those daughters are all the  churches that came out of her and then went right back into (THE) Organization and Nicolaitanism. This Mother of the daughter-churches is called a whore. That is a woman who was untrue to her marriage vows. She was married to God and then went off fornicating with the devil and in her fornications she has brought forth daughters (all churches) that are just like her. This mother (Babylon / Rome / SUNWORSHIP) and daughter combination is anti-Word, anti-Spirit and consequently anti-Christ. Yes, ANTICHRIST.

 I want to mention that these early bishops thought that they were above the Word. They told people they could forgive their sins upon confession of those sins. That never was the truth. They began to baptize infants in the second century. They actually practiced regenerational baptism. No wonder people are mixed up today. If they were so mixed up then, so close to Pentecost, now they are in a most desperate condition, being about two thousand years away from original truth.

Oh, Church of God, there is only one hope. Get back to the Word and stay with it.

Where is "YOUR" head??????


  Da Vinci Code "Holy Bloodline" Hoax!

The planned events are clearly layed out in 3 books of which  Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" is the latest sequel ........

Just as Scripture teaches: Matthew 24:15-22//Daniel 11:45......

1) Holy Blood, Holy Grail: Opening the door for the soon to be UNleashed Hoax to a sleeping and dying world.

2) Messianic Legacy: states openly that the Merovingian bloodline"Cannot" be traced back to Christ!  Although they claim it's authenticity!....(Chapters 3 and 24)

3) Da Vinci Code :This is how the whole world is being set up to take the fall. It is already TOTALLY deceived; this book denies Christ's deity; stating HE was a failure; not fulfilling His (priest/kingship role) ON EARTH;  stating Christ was neither Divine nor the Son Of God; it also denies The Holy Word Of God; being as they put it a "product of man" ... but openly this latest sequel fully discloses their long planned agenda against man(Novus Ordo Seclorum)//(back of the dollar bill). Will Christ find faith when HE returns?  It "IS" worth your time to "SEE" this  for yourself....Chapter 55

 After the "Great Chastisement" the cataclysmic event of Rev. 8 &16 (~The Lucifer Project~)  The Apocalypse Network Click here and this accomplishing depopulation from 6 billion to 4 billion (according to scripture), 1/3 of man WILL be destroyed; they desire a decrease down to 500 million! for (Total Enslavement)! The Georgia Guidestones Click here 

"After"   the "next and final" Pope is set up in Jerusalem (Daniel 11:45). The whole world begging for mercy; (Peace and Safety) will be offered, it will then be "declared" and eagerly "embraced" that the "(declared religion)" (R.C.) "Must" be worshiped  having SET-UP their Da Vinci Code "holy bloodlineFinal antichrist "FALSE  MESSIAH"  Babylon Mystery Religion-Pontifex Maximus/ Luciferean-Satanic Sun-god dictator pope in Jerusalem... He will  then be declared a "Direct Descendant" of Jesus Christ from the House Of David.......The abomination that maketh desolate. THUS DECEIVING THE JEWS!  Islam "ALREADY" worships Mary.


  • A Shrewd And Ruthless Pope:

  • Ratzinger: Head of the "Inquisition" for 14 years! 

History verifies these facts as well as Alberto, Malachi Martin, William Cooper, and a few others. The Vatican is the richest organization on the planet.The inquisition has NEVER ceased, but the world at large are totally unaware.They all blame the jews? How anyone with the least bit of understanding blames anyone other than the Vatican is beyond me. The Inquisition(s) Rome spearheaded! / Hitler-Rome spearheaded / France-Rome spearheaded/ Bosnia-Rome spearheaded,1994 Rwanda-Rome spearheaded. How pray tell can ANYONE with "ANY" understanding  blame the Jews.

 They  were originally "ALWAYS" separated from everyone placed in the very place the word originated (ghetto)!  If it is the Jews as the blind claim, WHY does the world honor and worship SUN-day? (The Jews don't)!  WHY does the world honor Dec. 25th as Christ's birth date? (The Jews don't)!  Why does the world honor/worship Easter (Ishtar)? (The Jews don't)! They keep Passover!  Why did the Knights Templar kill every jew they encountered IF the jews are behind it? Why was the (SWASTIKA) used throughout Hitler's regime? It is the very same SUN-Symbol which was worshiped at least 3000 years BEFORE Jesus Christ came to this fallen piece of dirt known as planet Earth! Let's put on our thinking caps shall we? Now I wish to bring to light something very significant.

This is from the gospel of John, 

11: 45 Then many of the Jews which came to Mary, and had seen the things which Jesus did, believed on Him.

47 Then gathered the chief priests and the Pharisees a council, and said, What do we? for this man doeth many miracles.

48 If we let Him thus alone, all men will believe on him: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation. This is exactly the very same scenario taking place today under the Illuminati.

12:1 Then Jesus six days before the passover came to Bethany, where Lazarus was, which had been dead, whom he raised from the dead. (Pre example of His resurrection.

9 Much people of the Jews therefore knew that he was there: and they came not for Jesus' sake only, but that they might see Lazarus also, whom he had raised from the dead.

10 But the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death;

11 Because that by reason of him many of the Jews went away, and believed on Jesus.


The Fatima hoax//with the apparition of Mary,

just as every genocide the Vatican has shamefully and UN-godly pulled off; Mary has supposedly appeared and given her approval as this being God's will! These heinous atrocities of genocide are being attributed to and in the name of god being the blame laid! But I ask you Dear reader, (which god)?    

The final fruition will be her appearance (unto the world). She will illuminate the grandeur of their imposter god, the papal vicar, the usurper of God, the Pontifex Maximus-false messiah Pope! They shall indeed use ameriKa (Revelation 13:11-18) which was founded by the Jesuits, who used Freemasonry to set it up(since it's inception) to become the militant strongarm of the Vatican, to FORCE all the world to WORSHIP their sun-god(HORUS) the pope//Catholocism///Babylon Mystery Religion//CHRISTianity(luciferean-satanic SUN worship) or be killed.The poor people truly have no understanding as to what really is taking place under their noses right now. They  need to really search these things out so to understand clearly what is transpiriing so that they shall not be deceived and falter in their hour. The matter at hand is of the utmost urgency and not something to put off till tomorrow! 

                                     Study to show thyself approved before God!

 (1776) is the date of the founding of the Illuminati by Adam Weishaupt; who was Jesuit trained as was his father;  just as the Jesuits have infiltrated every sect of society unaware and undetected, undermining every denomination of (religion) as well . Everything is a total smokescreen, to keep the Vatican hidden and well out of view as the true "HEAD" of this evil, wicked, abominable system of Luciferean Sun worship. Jerusalem was handed over to the Vatican in 1993-1994 during the Oslo accords. They "All" are the pope's puppets in line pushing the N.W.O. ( Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum) which is just another name for Catholocism!  Did I hear that right?  Yes indeed... their global agenda against man and God whom Christ shall destroy at His appearing; our Saviour.

The people are totally unlearned in these things as their pastors have willingly succumbed to the Vicar in fear because of Mammon, luxury, comfort, and the jack-booted nazi's (Romeland security) coming, confiscating everything and shutting them down. (501c 3 ,4, 5) etc.. removing their livelyhoods//FREE-ride//FREE lunch. Christ worked with His hands as did the apostles and they are our examples!

 The Georgia Guidestones well state their intentions.To annialate the 6 billion plus down to 500 million! It is always calmest  BEFORE the storm. This has been their intention and desire since the Crusades; and satan's before that, and this is EXACTLY what is coming as their leader has sold them out!  Now I will state one thing, the Jesuits have the most elaborate observatories in the world, with the most highly trained and intelligent minds to be had so, WHAT ARE THEY LOOKING FOR? Mary?   Mary who?   No, they know they have created this falsehood as the Scripture's teach she is dead in her grave awaiting the promise (first resurrection) just as David etc..

 Dear Reader,

If this organization for which I so strongly accuse and stand in opposition to as did our Lord Jesus Christ; for which "THEY" called for His death decree; as they will yours as well.  How can they willingly AND knowingly submit to destroying (1/2) of their own beloved  followers? How could a (supposed) church of God (RC)  "plan" to destroy 5 1/2 billion people? The "GREAT CHASTISEMENT"//Georgia Guidestones.  This is "not" of God Dear Reader but of man under satan's wicked grievious lust-filled desires. This same Luciferean-Satanic blood-sacrificing system of Babylon//Nimrod is the very same system of the Mayans, Inca's, Druids, and every cult and secret society there has ever been, which continues Today right before your eyes, if you would only look.  Something is amiss and VERY wrong here. Please; seek the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Spirit of Truth will show you the truth in His Word.

You will be able to see and understand without any man teaching you, holding power over you, claiming infallability over you, claiming to be able to save you; when they "CANNOT" even save themselves. Why "IS"  every Pope(god)?  so old? Get sick and die? Considering they claim to be immortal? What a sick and sad joke they have played on the people to continue instilling fear for the riches they receive. Indulgences, Just like purgatory, is nowhere in the bible. They cannot even save themselves; only Jesus can do that; not "ANY" man! Be not deceived! It is not what they are teaching is not about Mary! When they name Jesus Christ OR God; they really are referring to the Pope(man)!  Again: Be "NOT" deceived!

   So; I  MUST, by THEIR words believe in accordance with what we are taught in Revelation Chapter's 8 and 16 it will be much more significant than just nuclear war; in fact: ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURE'S IN REVELATION 13 (MIRACLES)  which MUST be heavenly, I believe catacylsmic, (Lucifer Project) as they have stated there is  p-238 plutonium on Saturn; they have had 3 failed attempts to ignite 3 planets//asteroids already with this moon thing being the latest and most recent.

I believe Obama ( FIRST-black-muslim) HAS BEEN CHOOSEN; like Ratzinger

(Head of the Inquisition for 14 years), so it must be soon to pass, to play their part in bringing about Martial law//WW3 making the arabs//Iran their next target immediately after the next created (so called attack) against ameriKa.This as the means to destroy the Dome of the Rock and to set up THE "FINAL" ANTICHRIST, false messiah holy-bloodline dictator pope in God's Holy City Jerusalem. Matthew 24:15-22, and Daniel 11:45.

 Soon thereafter they shall declare him a direct bloodline lineage-desendant from the house of David and then, the Jews will swallow the lie. Now, not the Illuminati Zionist Masonic Jews; as their hand is already in this under the Jesuits, but the so-called bloodline jews, as will the world; because of the Marian Apparition//Saturn//Holy Bloodline; hook, line, and sinker. Earth's final 3 1/2 year-(Papal Crusade//Inquisition//Tribulation).