Hambacher Fest (Festival of Hambach)
Birth of the German Democracy
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The actual hour of the birth of Germany’s national colors happened 177 years ago on Whitsunday at the mountain castle of Hambach, as almost 30,000 free and democratically minded citizens joined together for a united Germany.  The procession up to the castle of Hambach ranks as one of the most meaningful foundation stones for the development of a democratic commonwealth in Germany.

The Historical Museum of the Palatinate in Speyer is showing, as a series of highlights, the events leading up to the Hambach festival, the festival itself, and the years thereafter until 1849. The exhibition rooms for this collection were redesigned as of May, 2009.

The exhibition has come up with some unusually rare original exhibits. Among them is a diagram with an authentic depiction of the Hambach festival parade, a black-red-gold flag that was carried in Hambach and a drum belonging to the Speyer militia. Additional contemporary exhibits from the surroundings of the Hambach festival and the revolution of 1848/49 have been worked into the renovated exhibition staging; they round out our picture of the 19th century in the Palatinate. At  two audio stations, visitors can listen to contemporary voices.