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Why is it important to know anti-christ?
"Romanism and the Reformation Book Study"

  Sunday at 7:00PM Eastern.
Sunday December 14, 2014 will be Lesson thirty on the Book
"Romanism and the Reformation"
by Henry Grattan Guinness

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This call is a Bible study on Dispelling Futurism, reading the book "Romanism and the Reformation" written by H. Grattan Guinness in 1887.  The book is being read by Tom Friess on Inquisition Update at First Amendment Radio, M-F at 11 AM Eastern. If you wish to listen to the Live broadcast, click here.  Or, to listen to the FREE five-day archives, click here. The book is on the Internet (click here) so everyone can have text in hand for the in-depth study refuting Futurism.  

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Galations 4:16

Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

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Book Reviews on "Romanism and the Reformation"
No one would have a clue to proper understanding of prophetic eschatology unless first grasping the historical record given in this most exhaustive yet simple to read and understand tome.  Indeed, H. Gratten Guinness has portrayed another element of Divine understanding.  A must read for anyone seeking truth in these later days, Christian or otherwise.  As it is a blessing to read the Revelation by John of Patmos, so too this work.  Not to scorn Roman Catholics rank and file, rather enlighten.
Although this book was written in the 19th century, it contains a goldmine of truths about biblical prophecy.  Great explanation of Daniel, Paul, and John's descriptions of Antichrist and how these are clearly fulfilled in the blasphemous office of the Papacy.  Great explanation of the subtle differences between Biblical Christianity and the counterfeit religious system known as Roman Catholicism. The Protestant Reformers (Luther, Calvin, Wycliffe, Tyndale, Huss, Knox, etc.) unanimously believed the Papacy to be Antichrist, and this book will prove they were right.
This is probably the best prophecy\eschatology book that can be bought on this site.  This book is extremely rare and it's quite shocking that CBD has new copies.  Anywhere else and you'll pay over $30 for a used copy.  The book itself is a look at the Roman Catholic Church and what the Bible has to say about it in prophecy.  He demonstrates that the Roman Pontiff (Pope) is indeed the Antichrist and that the Roman Church is indeed Mystery Babylon.  He further looks at the history and doctrines of Romanism and demonstrates that nearly 2000 years Historicism was the only view held by the true Church.  I fully recommend this book to everyone who cares at all about prophecy, eschatology, or the issue of whether Romanism is just another confused sect within Christendom or a satanic counter-part as Protestants have always viewed it.
A fantastically written book, elevating the Absolute All Sufficiency of Christ.  Excellent documentation exposing The Holy Roman Empire and it's role in end-time bible prophecy.  Definitely something to be cherished outside of The Word of God Himself.  While it is important to never take your eyes off Rome and her deeds she does in the dark with all the kings of the earth, this book will help you see how much terror and darkness this whore who sits has done to this earth and to God's people.  Please read this....all of you!!!!
The View of Romanism from the Early Reformers which is Sadly not being taught anymore in the Churches.  The Evils of the Rome should Not be Forgotten, as Many Lost their Life at the Hands of the Vatican System.  Many Interpretations of Prophecy of Today Seem to have Changed in Favor of Rome, why is that and are these Changes Correct ?

And Of course : Should the Churches want to Reunite with Rome or is their Good Reasons not too?  This Book will make you See Why we Should NOT, and is a Great Help in how to See the 1500 Year old Vatican System in Prophecy, as the Reformers Did.  Great Read worth every Dime, God Bless.
Review from Victoria, Canada
The famous preacher and pioneer of the Bible College movement and modern missions, H. Grattan Guinness, is at his best in this incredible book! Buy this book and you'll find yourelf barely able to put it down through an exciting study of the prophecies of Daniel, St. Paul, and St. John.  And did you know that the timing of the appearance of the Antichrist is very clearly predicted in the Bible?  In this book, Guinness will show you what many of the Church Fathers believed about who Antichrist would be and when he would appear: including Iraneus, Origen, Jerome, Victorinus, Hippolytus, and Tertullian!  Even Augustine was convinced that Rome was the Babylon of Revelation. Gregory the Great himself nails the popes as fulfilling the prophecies of Antichrist.  If you think you can dismiss this book, by Dr. Os Guinness' great-grandfather, as irrelevant and out-dated, then think again.
I must recommend Romanism and the Reformation, by H. G. Guinness.  It remains one of the most enlightening and well-presented books I have ever read on any subject. It is well worth reading and re-reading, and sharing with friends. Although the first few pages may seem tiresome to today's impatient readers, it unfolds into a quick-moving and excellent explanation, with passion and profound learning, of how the Bible foretold the coming of the antichrist, and that the antichrist is none other than the papacy of Rome (yes, the popes, taken as a whole).

The relevant prophecies of Daniel chapter 7, 2 Thessalonians chapter 2, and the book of Revelation (a.k.a. "the Apocalype") are shown together in an astounding way to give us an understanding of world and Christian history, Romanism (the Roman Catholic church), and the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century.

Do not think that Revelation is only about the future. It contains our past as well. This truth has been covered or ignored in the past century. It will do good to go back and consult some of the Bible students who were before us.

The subject of Bible prophecy is very relevant to us today and reaches centuries back in time. It will also help you to understand better the events yet to come before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. This book is a sparkling introduction to a deep, mysterious and wonderful subject. I pray you will read it.