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Setting the Stage to Dupe the World

Twenty five years ago, two books were written, putting forth a proposition that "shocked" the Christian world. They were Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Messianic Legacy. Today, that same proposition, as a sequel to the first two books, is given in The Da Vinci Code book, that no longer shocks, but literally, is sweeping the whole world.

Tragically, the world is being prepared to swallow the biggest "lie" and delusion ever conceived by man. This writing is to introduce you to that lie and how it relates directly to the second coming of Jesus Christ and the end of this world as we now know it.

As text books, you are strongly encouraged to buy The Messianic Legacy book, and read only chapters 3 and 24, which is the last, including the Epilogue - and The Da Vinci Code book, just chapter 55. Both books, as paperbacks, can be purchased for approximately $8.00 each.


This story is similar to a very lovely young lady, that you thought you knew pretty well, that thoroughly impressed you as a perfect picture of soft pure innocence - until one evening you accidentally bumped into her on a downtown street selling herself, that left you shocked, speechless and embarrassed ...

And also, if you are not prepared to accept the historical Truth about "organized" Christianity, which is quite the same as the young lady above - you may again be shocked, but more likely angry, at the very thought of believing such preposterous nonsense - that long ago "organized" Christianity prostituted itself out to forsake any resemblance of Pure Christianity, and became the unrestrained Harlot.


Certainly, it is not hard to understand that True Bible Christianity was "Pure" in every sense of the word while it was taught by Jesus Christ Himself to His close and faithful disciples, Who then gave them a commission to go out and teach all nations, even as He had taught them. And they fervently did.

And not by any sense of compulsion, but by the very ecstatic personal experience they had all just passed through, that had galvanized this Truth into their very being. They all had seen it with their own eyes, and could not and would not keep quiet about it.

What they had experienced in overwhelming sorrow, their hopes and hearts totally shattered, seeing their Lord, Messiah, Saviour and King wrenched from them and crucified until dead - was nothing compared to their exuberant and exultant joy for the almost unbelievable experience of seeing Him again alive!!

Then after 40 days, literally see Him rise off the earth and disappear into the sky - as they stood transfixed with bated breath, gazing steadfastly into heaven for those precious indelible moments, trying to catch the last fading glimpse of the One they had come to love so dearly - with the promise given, that He would surely return again, that where He was, they would be also.

It was only then, after the impact of those soul stirring experiences, did it bring back rushing to their minds everything that Jesus had taught them, did the disciples clearly understand, that this very same Jesus, their Lord and Saviour, Messiah and King, had never intended or meant to rule over a earthly kingdom of this sinful world. No, no! But by far a vastly greater one. Imagine it! His rule was to be over the everlasting, eternal and righteous Kingdom of Almighty God. And even more unbelievable - He has invited us to rule with Him.

No wonder True Christians could not keep quiet or be restrained, but impulsively and passionately had to gush out the Pure Truth of everything they had been taught, seen and personally experienced to everyone they met. And it was contagious! No wonder they were said to be turning the world upside down and added to their number thousands daily! Suppose you had been there, would you have been able to keep quiet? This was True Christianity in its most beautiful and perfect, sweet pure innocence!


And its message of love and hope: through a Saviour given to bring separated and utterly lost mankind back into right standing with his God, that promised a resurrection from the dead, with an eternal citizenship in a paradise Kingdom that would never end, where there would be no more pain, death or tears, ignited such a spontaneous joy, that pure Christianity swept the then known world like a prairie fire that could not be contained ...

But it also stirred up immediate hostilities and sacred vengeance of the Roman Caesar - who happened to be the high priest or Pontifex Maximus, King and god incarnated of the SUN Worship system, known as "Babylon Mystery Religion". Actually, all Caesars were the Pontifex Maximus and Sun-god of this religious system, who could boast of an unbroken lineage of Sun-gods for over two thousand years, beginning with an ambitious man named Nimrod.

King Nebuchadnezzar was a Sun-god, as was every Persian King and Egyptian Pharaoh. This Sun-god Babylonian religious system, was cunningly devised for the hidden purpose of controlling and the enslavement of the great masses of mankind. And these human self made Sun-gods demanded worship!

Now, no "True" Christian, even for a moment, would ever consent to give worship to a mere mortal of a man. And it was not just a matter of plain faith, like the three men who refused to bow before the image of King Nebuchadnezzar as God, and were thrown into a fiery furnace. But many Christians had seen numerous supernatural miracles performed by Jesus, evidence that was positive proof to them that He was the "prophesied" divine Messiah sent by God. Their adulation and worship was for the loving True God of creation, alone!! Never could they bow the knee and give worship to Caesar, who was just a frail man pretending to be God.

     This staunch refusal, brought the humble Christians on an inevitable collision course with the haughty and arrogant Roman emperor Sun-gods, that resulted in a bloody persecution, some years less savage than others, that lasted for almost 300 years. Its intention was to break the resistance of Christians, and for those who did not waver from the Pure Truth, it became an excruciating brutal time of suffering, that tragically, many of those of lesser convictions, were not prepared to endure.


It was during those relentless terrible years, when so many friends and loved ones were being whisked away and died the cruelest of deaths, that it began to appear within Christianity, noticeable "compromises", gradually at first, but ever yielding, that soon changed Christianity into an unsatiable spiritual adulteress. Not just to be accepted into the Sun Worship system, but to actually become the supreme ruler of it!

And so, as there were priests and Fathers of the Sun, now ministers of Christ also began to be called Fathers or Papas, that eventually became the so called, Christian priesthood. The most important Fathers became bishops. And since Rome was considered the most important city of the world, some Christians looked to the bishop of Rome as the "bishop of bishops", the "Holy", Father of Fathers, (Papa - Pope) and head of the church. His office became known as the Papa-l Office.

But to get an idea of the haughty reasoning and attitude of this spiritual harlot, there is no better source to go to than her own writings, The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1908-1914 edition. To quote, it says ...

"We may take it for granted, on the one hand, that the first Christians understood quite well that paintings may not have any share in the adoration due to God alone. Their monotheism, their insistence on the fact that they serve only one almighty unseen God, their horror of the idolatry of their neighbours, the torture and death that their martyrs suffered rather than lay a grain of incense before the statue of the emperor's nurnen are enough to convince us that they were not setting up rows of idols of their own. On the other hand, the place of honour they give to their symbols and pictures, the care with which they decorate them argue that they treated representations of their most sacred beliefs with at least decent reverence."

"The etiquette of the Byzantine court gradually evolved elaborate forms of respect, not only for the person of Caesar but even for his statues and symbols. Philostorgius (who was an Iconoclast long before the eighth century) says that in the fourth century the Christian Roman citizens in the East offered gifts, incense, even prayers (!) to the statues of the emperor. (Hist. eccl. II, 17) It would be natural that people who bowed to, kissed, incensed the imperial eagles and images of Caesar (with no suspicion of anything like idolatry), who paid elaborate reverence to an empty throne as his symbol, should give the same signs to the cross, the images of Christ, and the altar." (Volume Seven, Subject, Images, page 667)


"We need not shrink from admitting that candles, like incense and lustral water, were commonly employed in pagan worship and in the rites paid to the dead. But the Church from a very early period took them into her service, just as she adopted many other things indifferent in themselves, which seemed proper to enhance the splendour of religious ceremonial. We must not forget that most of these adjuncts to worship, like music, lights, perfumes, ablutions, floral decorations, canopies, fans, screens, bells, vestments, etc. were not identified with any idolatrous cult in particular; they were common to almost all cults." (Volume Three, Subject, Candles, page 246)

"Christian ritual developed when, in the third century, the Church left the Catacombs. Many forms of self-expression must needs be identical, in varying times, places, cults, as long as human nature is the same. Water, oil, light, incense, singing, procession, prostration, decoration of altars, vestments of priests, are naturally at the service of universal religious instinct. Little enough, however, was directly borrowed by the Church - nothing, without being "baptized"; as was the Pantheon. In all these things, the spirit is the essential: the Church assimilates to herself what she takes, or, if she cannot adapt, she rejects it."

"Even pagan feasts may be "baptized": certainly our processions of 25 April are the Robigalia; the rogation days may replace the Ambarualia; (Robigalia and Ambarualia are pagan festival processions) the late of Christmas Day may be due to the same instinct which placed on 25 December, the Natalis Invicti of the solar cult. But there is little of this; our wonder is, that there is not far more." (Volume Eleven, Subject, Paganism, page 390) ...

In other words-if-she, the Church, "baptizes" it, then no shame! All things become permissible, and you are obligated to believe that it is Truth -like, the pope is God, or the "Assumption" of the Virgin Mary is in heaven- both, which are blatant lies! The dictionary definition of assumption is, "the act of taking for granted or supposing." How would this stand up in the judgement court of God??

As membership grew, elaborate churches were built with steeples attached to them. Have you ever wondered why every church must have a steeple, or what they represent? They are the same thing as the George Washington monument, called "obelisks". And shockingly, they represent


the "Shaft" (phallic sex symbol) of the Sun. And as the birth date of the Sun was 25 December, so it became the birthday of Jesus Christ. "Easter", the rising place of the Sun, also became celebrated as the "rising" or resurrection of Christ. And instead of honoring the true God, the Father, every Christian now ends their prayer honoring the Egyptian Sun-god, Amen. But just as important, is that "Sunday", the Sacred venerable day of the Sun, became the Christian holy day of worship, instead of the 7th day, declared holy by the God of creation.

Now this brief and disturbing history is amazingly acknowledged in chapter 55 of The Da Vinci Code book. It also states in the same chapter quite explicitly that, "Nothing in Christianity is original." You must read it! But better yet, read another quote taken from, The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume Four, Subject, Constantine, page 297. It states ...

"Not only Gnostics and other heretics, but Christians who considered themselves faithful, held in a measure to the worship of the Sun. Leo the Great in his day says that it was the custom of many Christians to stand on the steps of the church of St. Peter and pay homage to the Sun by obeisance and prayers."

"When such conditions prevailed it is easy to understand that many of the emperors yielded to the delusion that they could unite all their subjects in the adoration of the one Sun-god who combined in himself the Father-God of the Christians and the much worshiped Mithras; thus the empire could be founded anew on the unity of religion."

Think about those quotes for a moment. It is astonishing for what they boldly reveal! As a matter of historical fact, every major "world" civilization was controlled by the same Sun Worship system, whether it was Aztec, Inca or Mayan in the New World, or Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Grecian or Roman in the Old. Hardly just a coincidence! That too, is worth pondering.

It is quite marvelous how this Sun Worship system attracts people.

Like some irresistible carnal magnet, drawing humanity's deceived masses together into believing that it is always, always for the common good, prosperity and security of all, to "unite the people", "unite the people", "unite the people" under the leadership of "one", the Pontifex Maximus priest-god-king.


Certainly no one likes to be "different" in society, so everyone just follows along in lockstep, embracing the Great Deception. But the True God of creation purposely has called His people out to be different; a "peculiar" people in the world and to the world - so to make a clear distinction between His True Worship and the "universal" false worship of the usurper impostor Sun system. But all the heart rending pleading from a benevolent loving God could not change the mind of ancient Israel's determination to reject God, their True King, and clamor to have a king like the Sun worshiping nations around them.

The result, is the Old Testament history of how Israel split into two nations, described as two women that went whoring after other lovers, found in Ezekiel chapter 23; a sad True story told by a broken hearted loving King - rejected. And one thousand years later, that same estranged King, in desperate hopes to win back His dearly beloved, sent His "Anointed" only begotten Son to appeal to her in His behalf. Her rejection was final- she killed the King's Son!

If you step back and grasp the full and comprehensive picture here, you can readily see through overwhelming historical and archaeological evidence, that the whole world "had already" rejected that same King "long" before the nation of Israel did. And to replace the True King, a counterfeit king was established, "universally". All the nation of Israel was doing, was just following in the footsteps of the rest of the world. Even though it took over one thousand years of constant backsliding and repentance to finally catch up, very notoriously - and irreversibly reject its "King", by killing His Son.

But this "King" is no ordinary flesh and blood king from planet earth that gets old and then dies. This "King" is the Immortal Eternal "King", Creator of the whole universe! By this very decisive fact, He alone has the "legal" right to claim Kingship over the universe, including planet earth, as His sovereign domain. And to insult Him by rejecting and killing His only Son, will truly, have its future full retribution. But for the moment, the "King" just brought His Son back to life. It was this astonishing and awesome event, that set the disciples of Jesus on fire, propelling them on their whirlwind mission to tell the world and sow the seeds of the good news.

Sorrowfully indeed, those first joyful and gentle preachers of the gospel, were by no means, a match for the vicious opposition thrown at


them by the Roman Caesars, gods of the Sun. And they gave their lives wholesale for what they taught and knew to be the Truth. So by the time year 300 A.D. had arrived, the Roman Empire had been swept clean of all those who preached the Pure Gospel Truth of Jesus Christ. The gentle preachers had been exterminated like vermin, or for those fortunate enough, had fled for their lives, into hidden, remote and secluded places.

What was left behind in their place, was a prostituted hierarchical system, perfectly conformed to the worship of the Sun, but still calling itself Christian. A system filled with ambitious men, who no longer walked upright and humbly preaching the Pure Gospel of Christ, but who jockeyed themselves to receive worldly recognition and power, with bishops that strived for and were given imperial high honors. All that was needed now at that point, to consummate the lady's unabashed whoredom, was for her to be offered and to accept the blood soaked title, Pontifex Maximus. It was not too long in coming!


Our attention must now be given to the man known to history as Emperor Constantine the Great, who in the year 325 A.D. became sole master of the Roman Empire. It is this same year also, that we find him presiding over the first ecumenical meeting of apostate "organized", so called, Christianity, which he had called together at Nicaea, to settle doctrinal differences to help unify his Empire. The existence of the Roman Empire, for some time now, was being threatened by many serious evils, that challenged every Roman Emperor, to do whatever it took, to keep the Empire from final collapse. And "religion", as always, played a key role. There were 318 bishops that attended the meeting.

It is easy to see, when you take the concept of "man made" religion to its logical conclusion, that if you can convince people into believing that a "leader" is sanctioned by God, or "is" a god, that they will stand in awe of that leader, reverence him, even worship him, and dance to any tune he wishes to play. That is what the awe inspiring title, Pontifex Maximus, in Sun Worship is all about.

It is taught and believed by those who have been indoctrinated into this Babylonian religious system, that any man raised to the title, Pontifex Maximus, becomes the divine Sun-god in human flesh, and therefore, the "King" above all other kings on planet earth. So that whenever any


believer comes in the presence of him, or an image of him, immediately, obeisance strikes his heart, and he bows!

By contrast, when the nation of Israel rejected their True King - the Living God - and they demanded a human king, like all the other nations

had - God allowed them to have a human king, but it was God who chose that man who was to be their king. Then God certified it by having

a prophet consecrate the man by anointing his head with oil. That is where the Hebrew word, "Messiah" originated. It simply means, referring  to the king - the "anointed" one. In Greek, the word is Christos, or Christ. But in no sense, was the Hebrew king ever thought of as a god, or required the people to bow down before him! (See I Samuel chapters 9-16)

Emperor Constantine the Great was a Sun-god Pontifex Maximus - and he demanded worship! The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume Four, Subject, Constantine the Great, page 297, says ... "Constantine can rightfully claim the title of Great, for he turned the history of the world into a new course and made Christianity, which until then had suffered bloody persecution, the religion of the State". Again, you are asked to think about that statement for a moment.

Here we have Emperor Constantine, who is the Sun-god Pontifex Maximus of the Sun Worship system, who compels the State to end Christian persecution - and then unites Church and state by making Christianity the religion of the State. That is enough to make your head swim? Just what is going on here? - other than prostituted Christianity and Pontifex Maximus Constantine cut a deal! But remember, what haunts Emperor Constantine is that his Empire is in a state of decay, and he must unite his Kingdom.

That same Catholic Encyclopedia article, page 301, says this ...

"Constantine himself preferred the company of Christian bishops to that of pagan priests. The emperor frequently invited the bishops to court, gave them the use of the imperial postal service, invited them to his table, called them his brothers, and when they had suffered for the Faith, kissed their scars. While he chose bishops for his counsellors, they, on the other hand, often requested his intervention."

The same article, page 300, says ... " On the other hand, the imperial power was increased by receiving a religious consecration. The Church tolerated the cult of the emperor under many forms. It was permitted to


speak of the divinity of the emperor, of the sacred palace, the sacred chamber, and of the altar of the emperor, without being considered on this account an idolater."

"From this point of view, Constantine's religious change was relatively trifling; it consisted of little more than the renunciation of a formality. For what his predecessors had aimed to attain by the use of all their authority, and at the cost of incessant bloodshed, was in truth only the recognition of their own divinity; Constantine gained this end, though he renounced the offering of sacrifices to himself. Some bishops, blinded by the splendor of the court, even went so far as to laud the emperor as an angel of God, as a sacred being, and to prophesy that he would, like the Son of God, reign in heaven."

The same article, page 299, says ... "For a time it seemed as if merely tolerance and equality were to prevail. Constantine showed equal favor to both religious. As Pontifex maximus he watched over the heathen worship and protected its rights."

"The Church further obtained the right to inherit property, and Constantine moreover placed Sunday under the protection of the State. It is true that the believers in Mithras also observed Sunday as well as Christmas. Consequently Constantine speaks not of the day of the Lord, but of the everlasting day of the sun."

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume Nine, Subject, Lateran, The Lateran Palace, page 16, says ... "From the beginning of the fourth century, when it was given to the pope by Constantine, the palace of the Lateran was the principal residence of the popes, and continued so for about a thousand years."

The Encyclopedia Americana 1964 edition, Volume Eleven, Subject, Fourth Century, page 557" states ... "Constantine by the Edict of Milan (313) established toleration of Christianity and gave it equal status with other religions in the empire, and later in his reign he showed such preference for Christianity that it became, in effect, the dominant religion. In keeping with this, a new theory of the imperial power was developed as a counterpart to the old pagan conception of the emperor's position."

"This theory was set forth by the Iearnedehurch historian Eusebius, bishop of Caesarea, who became Constantine's adviser in religious matters. Made up of the traditional Hellenistic and Roman political ideas


which had formed the basis of the pagan emperor's rule, but overlaid by the Christian concepts of the nature of God and of the source of all power "from on high", this theory held that the Kingdom on earth was a counterpart of the Kingdom of heaven."

"God chose the emperor (that is, instigated and then approved the choice made by men) and ruled through him, so that the emperor was God's vicegerent, and represented on earth what God represented in heaven. Thus the emperor's power was recognized as being absolute, and supernatural in origin."

Simply put, for the cause of unity and power absolute, Bishop Eusebius and Emperor Constantine worked out an ingenious scheme where the name "Christian" became the perfect cover or camouflage to hide Sun Worship under. By year 400 A.D., every vestige, trace or visible evidence of "True Christianity" was utterly eradicated- forever gone!'! The only thing that remained of Christianity, was its name - only!

Quite obvious, the Sun Worship system did not change one whit.

Except, now all the gods of the universal Invincible Sun were forced to perform and be incorporated under the name Christianity. The generic term "god the father" and the, now called; Christian Emperors, represented as God's vicegerent, could very nicely be applied to all gods, so not to offend any.

Also for the sake of unity, Constantine, in 326 A.D., undertook to transfer the capitol of the empire from Rome to what is known today as Constantinople - the "City of Constantine". It was more centrally located to the empire. Constantinople became the Eastern half of the empire, while Rome became the Western half. This "conveniently" left a vacancy in Rome for civil administration, which high Christian Church dignitaries rushed in to fill. It also paved the way for the Church's later consolidation of secular power.

      Emperor Constantine the Great died A.D. 337. To quote from, The                

Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume Six, Subject, Gratian, Roman Emperor,
page 729. It states ... "At the time of his accession (375) he refused the insignia of Pontifex maximus which even Constantine and the other Christian emperors had always accepted. At the instance of (Bishop) St. Ambrose, who became his chief adviser, he caused the statue of Victory to be removed from the senate house at Rome (382). In this same year he


abolished all the privileges of the pagan pontiffs and the grants for the support of pagan worship. Deprived of the assistance of the State, paganism rapidly lost influence."

"The Catholic Encyclopedia", Volume Fourteen, Subject, Theodosius, Roman Emperor, pages 577 & 578. It states ... "Theodosius is one of the sovereigns by universal consent called Great. He stamped out the last vestiges of paganism, and reigned as a just and mighty Catholic"emperor. The Emperor Gratian (Western half 375-383) after the death of Valens (378) took Theodosius from private life and made him his fellow emperor (Augustus) for the East (19 Jan., 379)."

"During all his reign Theodosius took severe measures against the surviving remnants of paganism. In short his laws put an end finally to the old cult, at any rate as far as open and public use is concerned. Theodosius entered Rome sole master of the now finally Christian empire. The Roman world was never again united. Theodosius stands out as the destroyer of heresy and paganism, as the last sovereign of the undivided empire."


And so, the Roman Empire finally staggers, sprawls, is thrust off history's stage - but as if by magic, the Church of Rome, which plays the part of the magician, keeps this corpse alive. The commands of the haughty Roman Emperors are no longer to be heard. Their "mantle" reluctantly, falls off of them - but wait!! Who is that surreptitiously putting it on? No one will believe it! The Emperor's mantle fits perfectly, on the counselling Christian Bishops, tailor made.

The Roman Emperors have ceased to be. Who now is worthy to carry on that dignified title of spiritual splendor, the, "vicegerents of God", but the "Christian" Bishops - the Roman popes. And who rushes in to claim the most intoxicating title the world has ever had to offer, Pontifex Maximus, that makes out of men, a god to be worshipped? Again, it is the "Christian" popes of Rome!

But if you have the slightest doubts, you are urged to go to the website,, page 12, (see below) and see for yourself a picture of Pope John Paul II, alongside his official title, taken right out of a Catholic church. Be assured, the counterfeit impostor human Sun-gods never skipped a heartbeat - and today, now, for over four thousand years, they still can boast of their unbroken lineage.


But the "Christian" Roman popes did more than just "shoplift" the Roman Emperor's imperial titles. They also imbued the Roman Emperor's "spirit" of power absolute into the very depths of their being and soul. The idea of stamping out all controversy and division, stamping out all thought, by imposing unquestioned, one dogmatic creed upon all, was carried into practice on an unprecedented scale. Not hardly, the "Spirit" of Jesus Christ!

So it is not surprising, when the "Christian" Roman popes ruled full sway during the medieval years, to read accounts of inhuman cruelties, atrocities and abominations during the crusades, and the methodical butchering, breaking and mutilating of human bodies done in the torture chambers of the Inquisition, that continued for hundreds of long brutal years. These "Christian" accounts are, by far, more terrible to read about, than any account of the "True" Christian's martyrdom by the pagans. And they have the extra added horror of being indisputably true. To curdle your blood, consult any good encyclopedia, under the subject, "Inquisition".

The Roman Catholic Church ruled the European world for over 1200 years with an iron fist. During those years, the Holy Word of God, the Bible, was a forbidden book. To have one in your possession meant the death penalty. And so Bibles became a very scarce book. But in 1450 A.D., a man named Gutenberg invented the printing press, and the first thing he printed was Bibles, and they began to flood all of Europe. Imagine it! People, for the first time in their lives were holding and reading the Holy Word of God.

For the first time in their lives, people were studying and understanding the "Pure Truth" of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They were ecstatic! To the rage and fury of the Church of Rome, they fell in love with that "Holy Message", and they swept all of Europe with it. But what a contrast to the doctrines of Rome! No wonder the Bible was a forbidden book to read. It not only taught that the salvation of man was a "free gift" of love from a benevolent God, but it explicitly exposed the Roman Catholic Church and its popes as the Babylon Mystery Religion Great Whore - the "Antichrist" - opposer and destroyer of God's Truth, hiding behind the cloak of Christianity.



This "Pure Gospel" of Jesus Christ was so powerful, so overwhelmingly received, that it nearly toppled the usurping counterfeit pope of Rome coffins bogus throne. The Church of Rome retaliated with brute force, that some historians estimated, that it cost those unflinching Protestant preachers 100 million of their lives. But they could not be conquered! It set the captives of Rome free! No more ecclesiastical tribunals to force religion down your throat! No more torture chambers of the Inquisition! No more burning human beings alive at the stake!

That is what the "Pure Gospel" of Jesus Christ does for humanity. It has been nearly 500 years now since the Protestant Revolution. And today, people have long forgotten about the many lives it cost, and have freely chosen to turn their backs on the "Pure Gospel" of Jesus Christ. But that is a fatal mistake, my friend, because this arch enemy of those who love the True God, is coming back like a thousand roaring devouring lions - to punish those who have the audacity to question and oppose its rule.

The word "catholic" means universal. The Roman Catholic Church is universal Babylonian Sun Worship - in disguise! And "organized" Christianity follows right along, to many, unwittingly, because it stubbornly clings to Sun Worship false doctrines - absolutely contrary to what the Bible teaches.

Freemasonry is Sun Worship! The first time a person enters into the lodge to become a Freemason, he is taken to the East - to the "Light" - of the Sun. And the Sun is just a representation of the "Light Bearer", who is none other than Lucifer himself. Look around you. The relics of Sun Worship are everywhere, and you don't even bother to see them! And so, the whole world has been prepared, and today, it is being orchestrated, to accept the "Pure" Luciferian doctrine.


You are cautioned - do not be, ever so foolish, to think that the Roman Catholic.Church has forgotten all about her glory days, to exterminate anyone that refused to conform to her religious views - that the Protestant Revolution put an end to. Rome just wants you to think that she has.

Remember, this is Babylon Mystery the Great - the "system", that she knows, has controlled every world civilization known to mankind.


Her overbearing egotistical pride and obsession for absolute power, will never allow her to forget. Instead, for 500 years now, ever since the Protestant Revolution, the Roman Catholic Church, with seething rage and contorted bitterness, has brewed, stewed, schemed and conspired, to not just regain her power over Europe, but rule "universally" over the whole world!

She calls her "Holy Mission", to subdue and rule the whole world, The Great Work, The Grand Design and The New World Order. The capitol for this New World Order will be Jerusalem. So for hundreds of years now, world events have been quietly and secretly orchestrated to set the stage for accomplishing her sinister goal. But deception is her most useful tool, to keep people docile and from being alarmed - until after she springs her trap.

So contrary to everything that you have ever been falsely taught - and as an important phase of the Great Work - the United States government, 200 years ago, was founded by the agents of Rome for the purpose to establish and enforce their New World Order upon the whole world.

And even the most rigid unbelieving skeptic, has to admit that the future of America had already been predestined from the day of its inception - simply because of the fact, that the American Great Seal, quite literally, tells you so.

That symbol of the unfinished pyramid, with its capstone not in place, with the all seeing eye of the Egyptian Sun-god Horus - and above and below the pyramid, in Latin, the words, Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum - which means in English, Announcing the Birth of the New World Order - is a symbolic and written testimony that almost shouts what America really was founded for, and the religion that is behind it!! See the back of every one dollar bill!

And to add insult to injury, especially for those who are deceived and refuse to believe anything else than the U.S. government was founded on Christianity - how do you explain the most prominent and conspicuous sacred Sun symbol, the "obelisk", George Washington monument, the largest in the world, with the "sum" total of its height and base dimensions, built in to be the number 666, that is erected in Washington D.C., the capitol city of the U.S. government? And also, designed right into the street layout of Washington D.C., is an inverted pentagram, again, the


world's largest, and well known the world over for being a satanic symbol. How do you explain these Satanic symbols that the founding fathers had placed there for all to see, if the government was founded on Christianity?? Think and say whatever you like, but the symbols, loud and clear, speak for themselves.

The world has been orchestrated to accept the "unity" mentality for almost 100 years now. That is what the World Wars are all about. Like, World War I gave us the "League of Nations", as later, World War II gave us the "United Nations". But now secretly, and very meticulously, the world stage has been set to launch us into World War III. A war, by far, much more terrible than any before it. So terrible, that humanity will plead and beg for a "leader" that is capable to restore the world back to some resemblance of peace.

A coincidence? No, not hardly! Instead, it is a well thought out plan, called their "Grand Design". And this "leader", that the world has been intentionally brought to its knees to beg for, will carry some very special qualifications. With one voice, all humanity must, and will, accept this man! He will be a "Messiah" that the Muslims will accept. He will be the false "Messiah" that the Jews, who rejected their True Messiah, will now accept. And because "Christianity" has long trashed the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, he will be the "Messiah" that all apostate Christianity, will also accept.

You are again urged to read - you must read, to understand what is being presented here - chapters 3 and 24, (its the last) in the book, The Messianic Legacy, and chapter 55 in The Da Vinci Code book. It will literally startle you, by what you read about the Messiah-god-king, quite similar to Constantine, that is being prepared, very literally, and very soon, to rule the world from Jerusalem. That too, is what The Da Vinci Code book really is all about!!

The Da Vinci Code, The Messianic Legacy and the Holy Blood Holy Grail books, whose authors, quite boldly tell you, "The Bible is a product of man, my dear. Not of God.", and also, do not believe Jesus Christ was either divine or the Son of God. Taking the stand as an infidel or agnostic, they then lead their readers to the assumption that Jesus Christ, as warrior­king-Messiah, utterly failed His mission---because He never led an army or ruled as a king. However, instead, these authors go on to say, that


Constantine fulfilled the messiah-warrior-king role to perfection --- while Jesus Christ fell flat on His face!

Of course, most people of the world no longer read God's Holy Word, the Bible, and so, they will believe most anything. But these authors, being agents of Rome's "Grand Design" agenda, purposely deceive their readers by what they do not teach, about the Messiah role of Jesus Christ. Because when the Sovereign God of the universe, the Father, anointed His Son, Jesus Christ, to be the Messiah of this world, that Messiahship was to be fulfilled in two phases. The first phase, He was to die, literally be killed, to become the "substitute" death for mankind - and therefore mankind's Saviour.

It certainly was not, a long coming after thought with God! Every lamb sacrificed - from the time of Adam and Eve's sin: Cain and Able:

Abraham being told to sacrifice his only son, and then finding a ram in the thicket: to the passover lamb when the people of Israel came out of Egypt - represented, and pointed to, the True "Passover" Lamb of God - Jesus Christ.

As far as these authors teaching that Jesus Christ was a total failure at being a Warrior King - well, they may have a different story to tell when Jesus Christ returns for the second phase of His Messiahship - as King of kings and Lord of lords, with His mighty army of all the heavenly angels.


But before the people's cry, begging for peace, can be answered, the world must undergo an even massively greater devastation than what World War III is inflicting. As a grand finale to usher in their New World Order, and its false messiah, and to bring the people to a groveling submission to accept this false messiah, even with a severe guilt complex, the Roman Catholic Church, through the, so called, 1917 Fatima apparition of the Virgin Mary, has been teaching, that because of the great wickedness of mankind, God is going to bring upon the earth, "The Great Chastisement" - a man made cosmic explosion that will bombard planet earth, killing untold hundreds of millions, that will stop humanity dead in its tracks!

These perpetrators are demoniacally ruthless. They could care less about human life - only that they achieve their New World Order goal. And


besides, they are safe and secure in their underground cities and bunkers, built with your tax money, while everyone else is dying and suffering horrendously outside, until the aftermath of the explosion blows over.

Then when everything has cleared from harm's way, these heroes emerge with their prewritten script and announce to the world that the explosion was an act of God. And to give "divine" support to their announcement, by a timely appearance of the Virgin Mary (even though she is dead in the ground) she then instructs the world, that in order to save the human race and to make reparations unto God, all humanity must worship according to traditional Roman Catholicism, and pay homage to the new messiah pope!

Dear reader, as we come to the end of our study in this small booklet, you are humbly asked to pay close attention to the concluding words that are going to be said. You must understand perfectly every Truth that God has given to us. To leave out, or to not understand a Truth, will then distort the picture as a whole, that God wants us to see. And the Babylon Mystery Religion Sun Worship system, that the Roman Catholic Church and all "organized" Christianity is a part of, has purposely injected and inserted Sun worship false doctrines to make void or blur God's True Perfect Picture.

For example, the Bible is God's Holy Word to mankind. To not use it, you will no longer have a compass to guide you to the understanding of the True God. Within the Bible, God tells us, not just to the Jews, as has been asserted, but all of humanity to work six days, and rest on the 7th day Sabbath. To reject that one Truth, you will then not understand, that when God created this earth, that the six days to work and the 7th to rest, was a "model" in God's plan for the earth - in other words, the earth would exist for 6000 years, then after, it too would keep Sabbath for the 7th one thousand years.

To reject that one Truth, is so critical, to keep you from knowing, that planet earth is within the last few years before year six thousand, since its creation - and its awesome significance! Because when year 6000 occurs, be assured, planet earth will keep Sabbath according to God's plan - brought about by the True Warrior King, Jesus Christ the "Messiah", at His second coming. In other words, dear friend, do not be deceived, we are absolutely living in the end time ---last years of this earth's history.


And do not think for one moment, that Rome, the arch enemy of God, does not understand all of these things. Time is running out for them, so it becomes an important factor in their plans. And having masterminded a scheme, that the Roman Catholic Church calls the "Triumph of the Virgin Mary", she, at the appropriate time, will "anoint", or give her divine sanction to the next pope. With this bogus divine sanction from God, the pope automatically, is officially declared the "Messiah"!

And to further convince the world of his "legal right" to be the Messiah, credentials are presented that prove, he is not only a descendant from the House of David, but Jesus Christ Himself! That evidence firmly secures, that his throne to rule the whole world, will be placed in Jerusalem.

However, it also automatically marks this man out to be "that man of sin" spoken of in the Holy Word of God in II Thessalonians 2:3&4 ... "Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God."

Our Lord Jesus Christ brought special attention to this "false messiah", and the evil "end time" work he was to do, in Matthew 24:15. Jesus states ... "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (Jerusalem) whoso readeth, let him understand." Understand what?? Let's read "what" in Daniel, chapters 11 and 12.

In Daniel 11:45 it states ... "And he (the pope) shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas (Dead and Mediterranean) in the glorious holy mountain; (Jerusalem) yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him."

That most extraordinary and explicit prophecy or prediction was given 2500 years ago, 500 years before Christ! It is a message, from the True King and God of the universe, to His people He loves so much, that He wanted them to know the behind the "enemy-lines maneuvers", that the usurping false messiah pope is planning today. Now that is "undercover intelligence" work, pm: excellence!

Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, the True Messiah, said when you see this event, the abomination that will desolate, occur, understand it for what it is. Because it is a "signal", a warning to act upon. That means,


believe it! And tell everyone that you possibly can about it! Because this is the only "explicit" signal that God has ever given for the end time.

In the next verse, which is verse one of Daniel, chapter 12, the very first words are, "And at that time" ... At what time? It is referring to the previous verse of Daniel 11:45, when the pope sets up his headquarters in Jerusalem. And so the whole chapter of Daniel 12 goes on to tell us precisely what is going to occur "after" the false messiah warrior pope begins to rule from Jerusalem - and most important - for how long. To his utter disappointment, it will be quite short. To his utter shock, amazement and horror, he will be "liquidated" by the True Messiah, Jesus Christ - personally! !

The question is asked in DanieI12:6, "How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?" The answer comes back in Daniel 12:7, "that it shall be for a time, times, and a half; and when he (the pope) shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished."

You are reminded again, that everything that takes place mentioned in Daniel, chapter 12, is after the popes sets up his headquarters in Jerusalem. The term "time" in the Bible means a year - one year. Times, which is plural, means two years. And a half a time, means a half a year. Added up, the total is 3 1/2 literal years.

This is the short time reign of the last pope, Pontifex Maximus, that will ever rule on planet earth. But remember also, that he is a warrior messiah pope, who thinks he has a mandate to exterminate all dissenters, unbelievers, and especially, God's holy people, once and for all, forever, from off the face of the earth!

The sequence of events during those 3 1/2 years are only given as an outline in Daniel, chapter 12. But it is a brutal time of white heat intensity, that verse one describes as ... "and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time." For the graphic details of this same 3 1/2 years time period - you must go to the book of Revelation. It will give you a full description.

But over and above, everything this little booklet has said, and over and above everything that is said in the Bible - is summed up so majestically wonderful, by an incomprehensible awesome God, who so


dearly loves His little people, that He sends His Son to keep His parting promise, that He would return again, that where He was, they would be also. Oh, glorious indescribable redemption!!

To read again Daniel, chapter 12, verses 1 and 2 ... "and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt."

This is the "blessed hope" that the Apostle Paul spoke of, and all true Christians eagerly yearn for. This is the second coming of Jesus Christ, in all His splendor, majesty, power and glory. And it interrupts forever, the Sun Worship system's slaughter of God's holy people. And no god­man, Pontifex Maximus, if there were ten thousand of them, can prevent it!

Is it so hard to see that the Kingdom of the True God is a Kingdom of truth, love and eternal life ... while the counterfeit kingdom of man is a kingdom of hate, greed, lies, destruction and eternal death?

The purpose of this booklet is to clearly show how the Christian world has been cleverly deceived for generations by this Babylonian Sun Worship system. But once understood, God is mercifully pleading for you, dear reader, to ~ out of this Luciferian deception of death. For the love of God, how can you not want to come out, so you can be saved in His Kingdom of exuberant life for eternity?

If you believe the message of this booklet can instruct and help save someone, then please make copies, and share them.

May God bless you abundantly - John Daniel


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