The below 5 broadcasts, Greg Szymanski is talking about where did the New World Order come from and how should we deal with New World Order on a personal basics?   He covers what were the motives for 1776 and who benefited.  The theme of these 5 broadcasts  "The origin's of the Old World Order."   Where did the New World Order begin?

Greg Szymanski
December 7, 2015

Greg Szymanski
December 8, 2015
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December 9, 2015
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December 10, 2015
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December 11, 2015
First Amendment Radio
Inquisition Update Episode 84

Tom Friess Exposes
His One Critic
Walt Stickel

Below is the transcript of  episode 84 of the reading, read by Tom Friess "The Global Vatican" by author Francis Rooney, Roman Catholic graduate of Georgetown University, Knight of Malta and former Ambassador to the Vatican from 2005 to 2008.   My name is Walt Stickel  webmaster of   I am referred to as the One Critic in the transcript.  How do I know?  Tom also sent me a email referring to the content of the transcript.  I am not posting it, because I look to email has private.  But when you speak on the Internet it is public.  Think you will find the transcript very informative.

After we fully understand the little horn of Daniel, the man of sin, the son of perdition in 2 Thessalonians 2 and the Mother of Harlots in Revelation 17:5.  After over 100 hours of study on the "The Global Vatican" we do understand Vatican's role in World politics.  Yes it is a Catholic world.

I think it is very important in the days we live in, that we really ponder what is being said when we listen to any broadcast.  Please listen and then read the below transcript.  The word protestant is used 54 times in the transcript.  So I find it really important to know the true meaning of the word protestant.   In 2015 I think it is fair when we look at the Apostasy and the great falling away in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, that it can be said the protestant churches are the Harlots mention in Revelation 17:5.

Now that we know who Mystery, Babylon the Great is, and realize where she is located.  What can we do and how should it effect us on a daily bases?  How are we to respond to the Global Vatican?   At the bottom of this transcript is an interview with Greg Anthony Szymanski and Tupper Saussy author of “Rulers of Evil" on the 20th of June in 2006.  I think Tupper  has some very good advice on how we understand this and  why has the world wondered after the beast.

After reading both transcripts I believe it will sharpen our discernment and be able to connect the dots with more clarity.

Revelation 13:3  And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

2Thessalonians 2:3
  Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
Revelation 17:5  And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

Transcript of the reading of Global Vatican Episode 84

Tom Friess of Inquisition Update

Part 1

Yesterday I concluded with some startling comments at least for those who never heard it before, life as it exists after Vatican Council II. I like to elaborate a little bit more on that this morning before I continue our reading. Vatican Council II had tremendous consequences for the entire country. Vatican Council II was simply a surrender of the Protestants, an acknowledgment by the Protestants that they were wrong about the Protestant Reformation. That Futurism was true. That the antichrist whom they, during the Protestant Reformation, believed was the Papacy and the whole history of popes. That the Papacy itself was the office of the antichrist.  And every pope in succession was the antichrist just fulfilling the role, just like a, the president, the Office of the Presidency of the United States never dies . It's perpetual and every individual President becomes President of the Untied States and the office and the person are hardly separated.  Only Presidents die but the office remains, so there is a succession of Presidents, likewise the Presidency.  The Papacy serves the diabolical role of the antichrist in the world and every pope that sits in that office and conducts the business of the antichrist is the antichrist.

That was the belief of the Protestants. That's foundation. In the Protestant Faith which is the faith of Jesus Christ, it's a Biblical faith, it's a prophetic faith, and it's truth is verified in history.  Now Vatican Council II simply stated that since you all now believe that the antichrist of the Bible is a future individual, a single individual sometime in the future then you have exonerated the Papacy.  But not only that, not only that, you have repudiated your very foundation.  You have as a Protestant religion have absolutely no foundation whatsoever upon which to stand, you've committed suicide, and that leaves only the Papacy standing as a legitimate Christian Church. That leaves only the Roman Catholic Church standing on a firm foundation.  So now you have to make reparations to the Papacy. You have to restore all that the Papacy lost because of the Protestant Reformation.  You have to restore all the nations to the control of the Papacy. All the nations that were lost during the Protestant Reformation and not only that but the rest of the world.  You the United States of America, a heretical Protestant nation has not repented and now you must do penance.  And you must pay for these wars, with treasure, with blood, and with guts.  And you can not repent of your decision. And now you are destitute, your wealth is being redistributed all over the world, not because we're a charitable nation but because we are a heretical nation seeking absolution from the pope.

Our government is the pope's steward that is redistributing our wealth, it is the government of the United States, the pope's steward, in this country, that forcing us to war. We gladly and patriotically go off to fight these wars with an explanation what's the wars are about. Oh yes, I know they tell us it's about stopping terrorism, the war on terrorism. You don't buy that anymore than I do but it sounds good so you repeat it, you regurgitate it until it's just common fodder. But we've fighting crusades to restore the Papacy's global dominion. Here is something else, about the Protestant Reformation that really sticks in the craw of the Papacy. You see before they became Protestants the Protestant Reformers were, well, Catholic. You know except for the heretics like the Waldensians, and the Albigensians, Paulesians, Huguenots, Hussites, people like William Tyndale, there simply wasn't another religion other than Catholicism. And Roman Catholicism demands that for your sins to be forgiven you have to confess you sins to one of the pope's priests.

It doesn't matter how sinful that priest is. Doesn't matter what he does with the information you give him in the confessional box, you must confess your sins to a priest and you must do penance, and you, after satisfactory completing the penance you get absolution. Jesus is never involved. Directly confessing your sins to the Father in heaven is not the way to go in the Roman Catholic Church. God has been replaced by the popes and his priests. OK. And since Protestants would no longer confess their sins to a priest they simply refused to confess their sins to anybody but God alone.  The pope doesn't like that one bit, for obvious reasons, it strips him of his divine status and it stop a lot of extremely valuable intelligence coming into the Roman Catholic Church.  The pope believing he is the god of gods in this world, now insists for this rebellious, apostate, heretical, Protestant nation to confess your sins to a priest and if you will not confess your sins to a priest the Papacy.

Through the government will establish an organization, an intelligence gathering organization in this country that will, that will tabulate every keystroke you make on your computer. Can record every word you utter on your cellphone. Can record your location. Can get control of your medical records. They know whether you're overweight. Whether you have diabetes, whether you have high blood pressure, whether you got a cyst on your kidney. The even know how much you weigh. What you like to eat, what you buy, what websites you go to, what motivates you, your philosophy, your beliefs. They know more about you than you do. You see you don't have to confess your sins to a priest anymore, the government does the confession for you. Because it serves the Papacy. You see what Vatican Council II got ya. You have no more privacy, the government knows how much wealth you have, how much is expendable, how much charitable giving you give, and who you give it to, and even taxes you on it. Can you name me on thing about your life, even your sexual proclivities, that the government doesn't know.

I have one critic (Walt Stickel)"who despite years of discussion" about the Carroll Family on this program, a subject this author covers thoroughly(Global Vatican Francis Rooney), and I read it, and articulated about it, he(the author) is going to mention it again. I'm going to talk about it again because the history of the Carroll Family in the Colonial Period is vitally important to our understanding OF THE ABSOLUTE, UNLIMITED DIABOLICAL NATURAL OF OUR GOVERNMENT!  But all the things that I mention to you, how much information, data mining that the Vatican, ops I said Vatican, that the government collects in your name, would that ever been possible in the Colonial American?  Even though the technology didn't exist, if it had existed during the colonial period.  When they say the Carroll Family was in control, would any of that information be available to the government?(my comment: we can be thankful there were no I-phones, smiles)  NO AND I'LL TELL YOU WHY ! BECAUSE THE COLONIES WERE PROTESTANT!

They believed in limited government.  Why?  Because they had experienced the totalitarian dictatorship of the Papacy for 1200 years. They knew what the woman and the beast was. The woman was the Roman Catholic Church and she controlled the beast. The government, and the kings, and the kingdoms of the world, and they oppressed God's people like you would not believe. And they believed in limited government and especially no control for the pope, nor his priests. And they forbid the practice of Roman Catholicism as a means of self-preservation, as a means of preserving the Gospel, as a means of preserving true Biblical Protestant Christianity. It was a matter of life or death to them.

But we give all the credit to the Catholicization of America to the Carroll boys. John, Daniel, and Charles Carroll.  I'll tell you what that does, all that does is legitimize Rome's illegitimate claim to anything. Let me explain.  There is but one God in the universe, He created the heavens, the earth, the seas, the fountains of water. He said the earth is mine and the fullness thereof.  The Papacy is the idol of the world, John, Daniel, and Charles Carroll worshiped a man, a created thing and a very seriously wicked institution. They will be judged according to their works because they have no salvation in the Roman Catholic Church. Not only that no claim neither the pope nor the Carroll Family have any claim whatsoever to anything that God created. The smoke of their burning will ascend for ever and forever. They have long since been defeated, they were defeated before they ever were. I will no longer dwell on the importance of the Carroll Family with the establishment of our government. Our government is apostate today, our government is dictatorial today, our government is tyrannical today, because Rome claims it to be hers and she has no rightful claim to anything in God's creation.

You want to know what's wrong with America today?  Yeah, you can give a lot of credit to John Carroll, Charles Carroll, and Daniel Carroll, but in the divine scheme of things they don't amount to a fart in the skillet.  A vapor, putrid vapor, and they can condemn me for not preaching every single day on First Amendment Radio about the Carrolls. They are insignificant in my life. And those who harp incessantly about the Carroll Family are only lending legitimacy to the illegitimate claim of the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church over our government.(the Carrolls are undone in American history) A government that was completely Protestant in the colonial period, a government that was put under a lid. My liberty, true liberty came from that protestant government (Galatians 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.) that has been overthrown by the Roman Catholic Church and the Papacy. We need a return to Protestantism not simply an acknowledge of the Carroll Family and what they did to our government. So where should the emphasis rightly belong?  The Carroll Family, or Christ? We need a wide picture of history not just a myopic view of history.  You(one critic) can criticize me until the cows come home, and you can preach the Carrolls till the cows come home, but in the divine order of things it doesn't make a whit of difference. But if you preach Protestantism Rome is set back on her heels. If you repudiate Vatican Council II you've restored Protestantism, if you condemn futurism you've restored Protestantism.  That which gave us freedom and liberty during the colonial period.  But you(one critic) would rather talk about the Carroll Family wouldn't you?

Walt Stickel in this transcript is labeled the "ONE CRITIC".  How do I know?  Tom Friess sent his rebuttal also in a email to me, Walt Stickel.   I think we all need to really sharpen our discernment, please read the transcript in its entirety and use your discernment.  What was Tom's motive for attacking me for talking about the Carrolls?  Taking half of a broadcast to chasten my research on the Carrolls.  Please listen and use your own discernment.
Why is the history of the Carroll family so important as it relates to the founding Fathers and the American Revolution?

Who is this One Critic working for?  Why is this One Critic not qualify to speak on history?   Why is the Critic being REBUKE?   You be the judge when listening to the Catholic Founding Fathers.

WHO ARE YOU(one critic) WORKING FOR? You(one critic) don't qualify to be my critic, and you don't qualify to lead God's people either.(does the critic need to be ordained a priest?) (My comments: what about freedom of speech and freedom of conscience) The enemy of God's house is satan's lies, and the most Grand Design of all is futurism, and because we believe in futurism the pope was able to declare Protestantism dead.  Well I'm not dead.  And God can raise up the dead and I'm going to help wake them up. You(one critic) still want to talk about the Carroll Family everyday on First Amendment Radio?  SHAME ON YOU ! I REBUKE YOU!  I'm going on with what God put forward for me to do on First Amendment Radio and anywhere else God opens a door.  Not to lend legitimacy to Rome's claim to this country but to condemn it as a farce.(My Comment: what about the pope's visit, is that farce?  My Comment: 6 out of the 9 supreme justices are Catholic) I laugh at the Carroll Family.  I scoff at John Carroll, laugh him to scorn. He was an idolater. His name is not written in the Lamb's book of life written before the foundation of the world.  He is of no consequence to me. (My Comment: wasn't he the founder of Georgetown in 1789?  evidence does matter)

You(one critic) need to get your priorities straight.  What's important, to talk about the Carroll Family incessantly?  NO!  I mentioned the Carroll Family, I've talking extensively about the Carroll Family to inform the listeners of the historical aspects of their lives in this country and the trend they set for this country.  A trend that was foil-able by the Protestants of the colonial period.  And we can do it again.  If we come out of the grave, we can do it again.  That's what's important!  Now you can wine and cry all you want but you can't refute the truth. SHAME ON YOU! 

Alright I've had my little time here but I want you to know you're a slave today.  There isn't anything about your life that the beast doesn't know about. And he is simply collecting all that information because you refuse to confess your sins in the ear of a priest. You surrendered at Vatican Council II, you admitted being a heretic.  Rome now has got complete control, as well sees has control of domestic and foreign policy.  He controls the White House.  He controls the Supreme Court.  We are going to talk about that more. Even this morning if I can ever get to it.  He even controls Congress.  They invite him, they bring him to this country to sing him happy birthday.  Let shuffle, serve his diabolical mass in Yankee Stadium.   Fire him a 21 gun salute.  Sing Battle Hymn of the Republic to him.  I want to talk about the delusion.  I want to talk about what ails this country and how . . . what is the remedy, the remedy is desperately needed in this country. And the remedy is Jesus Christ, not the pope and not the Carroll Family.  The remedy for the United States is PROTESTANTISM!  It defeated the beast and the woman 500 years ago.  And it can do it again.  Because Christ was behind it.  Our King of Kings, Lord of Lords was BEHIND IT.  The protestant reformation was our red sea crossing. We were delivered from the global pharaoh 500 year ago. AND SOME OF US WANT TO GO BACK TO EGYPT!  Some of us have already gone back to Egypt. They must repent!   And I must go forward and that's what I'm going to do right after the break.

This was a YOU-Tube comment:   I didn't really like this one.  The ending was a bit better.
We have to omit this was very entertaining, but not very informative!!  smiles

Transcript of the reading of Global Vatican Episode 84

Tom Friess of Inquisition Update

Second Half

Welcome back from the break you're listening to the second half of Inquisition Update on First Amendment Radio. If you would like to support this program please support First Amendment Radio who pays the bills.  And if you wish to contact me directly please do so by e-mail. My e-mail address is tom at, that's tom at I expect a lot of angry e-mails from my first half hour this morning, but I'll field them 1 by 1.  Pull up your boot straps and let me have it.  But don't be prepared for me to sit on my hands and be quiet. ( My comment: I think you might of inspired your ONE critic, smiles)

We're going to talk about some more history this morning before I continue find it pertinent.  The Protestant Reformation destroyed the Papacy.(My comment: did the reformation destroy the Papacy?) Destroyed Roman Catholicism.   Destroyed the governments that tyrannized God's people in the name of the pope.   That war was declared at the Council of Trent.  The war against Protestantism, it's the very war for the survival of the Papacy.  Protestantism absolutely had to be destroyed or the Papacy was forever a thing of the past.  It's called the counter-reformation. It was declared publicly, globally, at Vatican, err, rather the Council of Trent. It was a war of annihilation, the Papacy with the help of the Jesuits set it's sights, it's desperate sights, on the destruction of Protestantism. That was in the mid 1500. Rome declared that war won at Vatican Council II. But the assertion here at Inquisition Update that declaration of victory by the Papacy at Vatican Council II was premature. You see Protestantism is not dead.  Protestantism is not dead because Jesus Christ is not dead. The reason the Papacy launched the war of annihilation against Protestantism is because Protestantism represents JESUS CHRIST ON EARTH! And the Papacy seeks(papacy is the power now) to usurp His throne and become the vicar or replacement of Christ in the world, and I know my Saviour still reigns. And that means there is hope for Protestantism. There is a potential for Protestantism to be more lethal to the man of sin son of perdition that there was even at the time of the Protestant Reformation.  Because we've learned from some very hard knocks, and all we have to do was remember those hard knocks and who delivered those who delivered those hard knocks, and for what purpose, and how those hard knocks were delivered, and the hardest knock against Protestantism was the teaching of Futurism.  Vatican Council II was a false declaration of victory by the Papacy, and I will go to my grave with the hope and the EXPECTATION, did you hear me (?), THE EXPECTATION that Jesus Christ will raise from the dead His Protestant servants or I will die trying . . . the last breath I breathe . . . will be a wake up call to PROTESTANTS!  Let John Carroll, Charles Carroll, and Daniel Carroll remain in the grave, they had a false hope, in a false god, and they shall not be victorious over Christ.  The only relevant discussion about the Carroll Family is how they have corrupted our government and what we can do about it.  I think I've said enough on the subject, I hope I've made my point, EVEN TO DEAF PEOPLE!

There is only one way to slay the beast. And that's with the truth and the truth of Jesus Christ. Protestantism is the only faith on the planet(earth) that is opposed to antichrist. That's where the power of Christ is. Now we're going to go on with this book, cus it has a lot of valuable information for PROTESTANTS!  Beginning where we left off on page 210, the first full paragraph he says popes have been objecting to wars for centuries. I said yesterday the pope is the war maker of the world. We don't fight wars but for the Papacy's benefit. The wars of the world are simply agents for change and a means to persecute the Papacy's religious opposition. The objective of all wars is to wear out the world so that they will accept peace by any means. Even if it means bending the knee to the pope of Rome. The Bible talks about wars, wars, and rumors of war. They are all instigated to advance the Papal cause, and this book(Global Vatican) is one of the greatest evidences of that achievement.(even more evidence is in the Bible)

All the peace loving charities of the Roman Catholic Church, one of which we are going to talk about Sanagito. They give to the public the impression that Roman Catholics want nothing but peace. Their pope speaks of nothing but peace when underneath he foments the wars.  Wars to recover what he lost at the Protestant Reformation and then to conquer the rest of the world for the pope. That's what we fight wars for. So when this author says the popes have been objecting to wars for centuries you ought to gag yourself. Maybe I'm being to colorful but . . wow . . the audacity of the Papacy, to claim to be a peacemaker. But what is even more hideous the world buys it. Do you know if you are Protestant it's likely that in sometime in the history of your family you've lost lives at the hands of the popes. The Papacy tried to annihilate the Protestants, that's what Fox's Book of Martyrs is all about. He is a man of war not a man of peace. I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY SAY ON CNN, I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY SAY ON FOX NEWS, HE'S A MAN OF WAR, A MAN OF DESTRUCTION, A MAN OF PERDITION!  God gave us all of history to prove to us who the man of sin and any human being on this world who doesn't know who the man of sin, the son of perdition, the antichrist is, a marvel, it's a marvel.  That anybody could believe that the antichrist is a single individual.  He says popes have been objecting to wars for centuries and have been adamantly anti-war since Vatican Council II.  Why is it adamantly anti-war since Vatican Council II?  So nobody like Tom Friess could ever wake up the Protestants.

Oh he is on every channel preaching peace, he wears a white dress, he looks to innocent to be the killer Tom Friess says he is. Fox News says he's a prince of peace, CNN says he's a prince of peace, EWTM says he's a prince of peace.  Tom's just one voice.  Is Tom telling us the whole world is wrong and he alone is right?   Now there is audacity.  Not but it isn't just Tom Friess, it's every martyr of Jesus, every Hugonaut, every Hussite, every Waldensians, every Paulesian, every Baptist, every Anabaptist.  I'm just one in a sea of Protestants, forgotten, completely forgotten. The righteous perish but none take it to heart. The righteous have perished for 2000 yours at the hands of the Papacy and none take to heart, not today they don't.  They believe the pope, the killer of the world. The Cain of history.  Remember Cain and Abel?  Cain slew his righteous brother Abel.  The Papacy is the Cain of the world. Do you comprehend that? Or do you believe Fox News? The popes have been objecting to wars for centuries says this deluded author, and have been adamantly anti-war since Vatican Council II. Why do you suppose the Papacy all of a sudden became so adamantly anti-war since Vatican Council II? Because that's when the wars really got started. Rome's only lethal enemy was destroyed at Vatican Council II, and that left the pope open to conquer the rest of the world for the pope with the use of Protestants. Ignorant, deluded, apostate, Christ rejecting, pope worshiping Protestants and they are going to fight the pope's wars until hell freezes over unless God raises them from the dead.  That's why the pope became so adamantly anti-war since Vatican Council II.  He was going to drench the world in war and therefore he had to work double time to make himself appear to be a peacemaker.

He has fomented wars all over the world.  He's got one act left to play and it's on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem.  First there's got to be a nation state of Israel, then there's got to be a temple, then there's got to be animal sacrifices, and then there's got to be somebody stand up with a seven year peace treaty and halfway through the treaty causes the sacrifice and oblation to cease.  He got to be taken out of the way, the antichrist will be defeated and then the pope can rule and reign unopposed in the world. And in order to pull all that off the Papacy has to secure the world for that last final act of deception and the protestants are going to pay the bill.  Are you beginning to understand why I'm so loud on First Amendment Radio?

Oh, no, no, no, it's not for dramatics.  I'm not trying to impress anyone. I'm not trying to compete with Alex Jones.  A fool.  I want you to hear me, I want your bones to reverberate THE SOUND OF MY VOICE UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M SAYING!  I'm . . the only thing I want you to remember after I'm dead and gone is what I said.   Forget me.  This isn't about me.  I'm made of the same sinful flesh as you deserving of external damnation but were for the grace of Christ.  In my flesh dwelleth no good thing. I don't raise my voice to get notoriety.  I only raise my voice to be heard.  Do you hear what this man is saying?(the author)  Popes have objected to war for centuries and been adamantly opposed to war ever since Vatican Council II.  Adamantly opposed to war, you mean there was sometime in the world where the peacemaker the pope was not adamantly against war? (laughs) That means he was for war right?  Or not so much opposed to war?  That's when all the Protestants of history died.  All the God fearing people, the true saints of Jesus Christ died at the hands of the Papacy.  And Vatican Council II was simply the modern day apostate, ecumenical, evangelical jelly bellies, spiritually dead Protestants spiting on their graves.   I tell you we got so much to repent for.  It's, it's. Just words cannot describe.  Oh I'm not suppose to get emotional here on First Amendment Radio.  That, that, just dramatics to draw attention so I'm going to have to holler and scream so I don't CRY MY EYES OUT!

That's another reason why I raise my voice on First Amendment Radio, to keep my voice from CRACKING! YOU THINK IT'S A SIGN OF WEAKNESS. IT'S A SIGN OF TRUE REPENTANCE! I'll tell you what. When the reality of Vatican Council II starts to sink in I'LL DEFY YOU TO FIGHT BACK THE TEARS!   IF THERE IS ANY LIFE IN YOU, I DEFY YOU TO FIGHT BACK THE TEARS!  AND THOSE WHO AREN'T PROVOKED TO TEARS I DOUBT THERE'S ANY LIFE IN THEM!  I doubt there is life in them. But I bet, my best, I will refrain from ever letting my voice crack on First Amendment Radio.  It's just not manly.  Maybe your hearts should break before the Lord.  Maybe your own soul should be washed with your own tears, FOR A CHANGE!

The prophets and the saints of Jesus Christ have always wept, that's what happens when true repentance comes. Weeping and sackcloth and ashes.  And it's funny we call it emotionalism today.  Shame on you.  Shame on you.  He says exchanges concerning both of the Iraqi interventions, remember there were 2 Iraqi wars, one lead by the Knight of Malta George H. W. Bush and one by his diabolical son, skull and bones, look (hee hee) I mean this isn't a play on words, this isn't imagination, skull and bones is called skull and bones for a very good reason, it serves the Papacy.  Just take a look at the Vatican Flag it's a skull and bones. The Papal Tiara and the 2 keys crossed beneath it represents a skull and bones and that's why pope, that's why George W Bush was a Papist.  That's why he worn out Air Force One traveling to Rome. I used to make jokes here at Inquisition Update, I haven't said this for a long time, maybe my new listeners will get a kick out of it, try to get out of this emotionalism that I was in. I used to say that Air Force One knew it's way to Rome so well that only thing George W Bush had to do just get on her, kick her in the flanks then go to sleep, let her, wake him up when they got there.  Just like a good horse you know.  They always know their way to a barn no matter where you are in the world.  A good horse always, all you have to do is kick back in the saddlebags, kick her in the flanks, and just wait until your forehead hits the threshold of the barn door.  You're home.  That is what Air Force One was, it should be called Old Nag One, and the barn is Rome.

He was a skull and bone man. He was like a Knight of Malta, but by another name, another insignia. There's multitude of them, Free Masonry one of them. Two Iraqi wars. The pope stood publicly against both those wars. Oh praise be to the name of the pope the peacemaker of the world. The Bushes have lost their minds drowning the world in bloodshed. The pope is the only one in the world that stands for peace. Would to God that the pope was the united President of the United States. Maybe we would have peace. See how deluded that is? George W Bush and George H W Bush both serve the pope. One is a Knight of Malta the other as a skull and bones man. He says the exchanges concerning both the Iraqi interventions are well known so the pope's comments weren't surprising. Especially following many months of silence on this issue. The Vatican's response to the planning for presidents bush's visit, Bush's visit, was more unexpected. What was unexpected? (hee hee) Well look if George W Bush the great warmonger of the world was gonna go see the man of peace and that a scolding for doing his war, you wouldn't expect him to go voluntary to the Vatican, would ya? (hee hee) But he did. Now he show up by invitation, by invitation, to receive secret congratulations for helping to conquer the Middle East.  For the eventual final act of the pope, GREAT GRAND DESIGN!  But only after the defeat of Protestantism. I hope my listeners are beginning to catch on. I like to hear from you if you are. Ya got any questions, I'll bend over backwards to answer them. If I can't answer them I'll find someone that can. But you have to understand this. I'll be back tomorrow.

The below 5 broadcasts, Greg is talking about where did the New World Order come from and how should we deal with NWO on a personal basics.   He covers what were the motives for 1776 and who benefited.  

In Greg's past broadcasts he has interviewed Eric Phelps author of "Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends.   He also interview Tupper Sausy the author of "Rulers of Evil" before Tupper pass away in 2007.   Greg explains the two differences of both men and what he learned of both about the Vatican Jesuit New World Order.   As a researcher I feel "Rulers of Evil" gives the motive and reason for the American revolution.   Who benefited from the American Revolution?   What happen on September 24, 2015?

Greg Szymanski
December 7, 2015

Greg Szymanski
December 8, 2015
Greg Szymanski
December 9, 2015
Greg Szymanski
December 10, 2015
Greg Szymanski
December 11, 2015

Greg Anthonys Interview with Tupper Saussey Full Interview in 2006 Rulers of Evil

This is a a transcript of a interview that Greg Anthony Szymanski did with Tupper Saussy author of “Rulers of Evil on the 20th of June in 2006. Greg has a daily broadcast on First Amendment Radio. His broadcast is called the Investigative Journal Click here to listen. Greg aired this on November 4 and 5, 2015.

Walt Stickel:  I think Tupper has some great insight on evil doers and has some good advice on how we conduct our self in this evil world, being ruled by evil doers.

Greg: OK welcome back to the Investigative Journal on this Nov 4th 2015 day on our calender I'm you host Greg Anthony, you are listening to First Amendment Radio dot com, and you can catch my show every evening 6 PM – 7 PM , that's on First Amendment Radio dot com.

I want to preview tomorrow's show I'm going to present to you a press release that I'm sending out to 250 publications regarding the travesty of justice in the Alamo ministry and it's aah, I've done it on You-Tube and I'm doing also print and also electronically to get out to 250 stations on Television, Radio, Print all over the country to see if someone will least get me on their air to tell the Ministry's side of the story. But today I'm going to go back in time a little bit and I got a real big treat for you today. You know funny how things work out, remember in the last couple of shows I was telling you what's going on in the alternative media on how the story about the Vatican and a whole bunch of things regarding what's really going on between that organization and the rulers of the world, what's it really all about.

Going back in history doing my show as I've always done it for 10 years and how certain alternative stations don't want to cover it because really they don't want to get to the truth. And so. Funny how things work out, going back in time when I was working with RBN I had a run-in with the owner over there over this same subject, John Stallameyer, and he basically called my hand. Called me a one trick pony and said if you don't start covering other stories, forget about it. He didn't want me talking about the Vatican as much. In fact they brought on Michael Collins Piper that guy from the American Free Press to counteract what I was saying about the Vatican and they were blaming the Jews for everything under the sun on that show. So that's what I was dealing with so as I left there he decided to destroy all my archives and unfortunately I wasn't very computer savvy at the time back 2005-06. I lost all those years of work which many of my good interviews were done there. I did repeat some of them on Genesis and when I left there I was till able to recoup those. So serendipitously I think just through, well how do you know whatever it is.

Someone sent me, kept almost all my 2006 stories, radio shows, I got them now on my website. But I was checking over on June 20th 2006 and you know I've paraphrased and talked about Tupper Saussy book Rulers of Evil, a book you have to read. And I almost forgot about this interview but I'm going to play for you, in my second hour on June 20th 2006, I presented part 1 of a 2 part interview with Tupper Saussy, he was still alive then, author of the book Rulers of Evil. Saussy's book took 10 years to write, he talks about how his research found the Jesuit Order and the Vatican at the root of evil, the New World Order. Not only does Saussy pinpoint the enemy within but he gives an outline of their plan as well as a method to counter the rulers of evil. Don't miss this interview if you want to lead a productive life in the mix. I'm going to play it for you, I forgot a lot of what I said on it, and it will be good for me to listen, and I should have that, Saussy, his book is something you have to read. I must add some of the more astute so to speak, as they say, as they claim, anti-jesuit and Vatican. People in fact, the author of Vatican Assassins was quoted as saying, Tupper Saussy is a Jesuit co-agitator and his information isn't true. I fine that quite interesting. I don't know why he would say that! But I'm sure there's some hidden agenda there somewhere. But let's listen to my 2006 interview . . . .

(2006 interview) OK back to the second hour of Investigative Journal and according to my guest Tupper Saussy who wrote a book Rulers of Evil. A war is being waged against you and your family and he asks. Do you know your the enemy? Do you know how strong he really is? Do you know his strategy? Do you know the rules? In a Thomas (??) who has read Rulers of Evil said this about Saussy's book, Saussy gives a persuasive exposition about the who in the shadow governments, Rulers of Evil is a powerful (inaudible) book of authority and makes you rethink the last 400 years of history including the birth of America. With that let me get to my guest Tupper Saussy, how are you today Tupper?

Tupper: Fine Greg, how are you?

Greg: You know let's get right into this talking about who are the real enemies, what is their plan? What are we going to do about it? That's what we've been doing today. Tell us how Rulers of Evil fits into this and enlighten us on who these guys really are.

Tupper: Well I think the facts pretty well bear out the fact that the people who really run the world are guided by the militant wing of the Vatican. That's pretty well established, a number of books have done that. I've looked into it and found essentially the same thing. The question is, what do we do about it?

Greg: Tupper before you do that let me get back to this story, I know you wrote another book The Miracle on Main Street regarding the tax situation, got involved in some IRS difficulties and that's what enlightened you to write this book, tell us about that story about how you started this.

Tupper: The Miracle on Main Street I wrote in 1979, published in 1980, and it really caught on and became a grassroots bestseller. The book envisioned what might happen if the grassroots of Americans understood or learned exactly where Article 1 Section 10 in The Constitution came from. What prompted Article 1 Section 10 was the circulation of irredeemable Federal Money.  In those days it was call Continentals and people couldn't make any kind of plans for the future.  The value of their property was continuing being subject to fluctuation because a debt issued central bank issued currency, paper currency, is not redeemable in precious metals. It has a value no one can determine and precisely this was ruling the American property value. Since really about 1965 when (inaudible) came in and made irredeemable Federal Reserve Notes a legal tender for all debts public and private.  And at that point Congress was given so of a carte blanche just to will into circulation as much money as they wanted to.  And this caused general inflation, it caused real vertigo in our sense of what things are worth and today our money is completely irredeemable.


Greg: (inaudible) Rulers of Evil dot com, you can get segments of it there and figure how to purchase it. And let me tell you it is a good book, it gets into the history of who is controlling our government and who is controlling the world order and Tupper how did this get started for you? It had to do with some complications after writing that book Miracle on Main Street but tell us that about your cousin and the federal prosecutor.

Tupper: Miracle on Main Street was such a success because it had people going into local courtrooms and arguing that no state can make anything but gold and silver coin a tender and payment of debt. That's what Article 1 Section 10 says, Article 1 Section 8 says Congress shall have power to coin money to regulate the value thereof against foreign coin. Well in 65 Congress stopped coining money, the kind of money states make tender and payment of debt and so we had a situation when Miracle on Main Street appeared of states enforcing payment in something other than gold and silver coin and that's a flagrant violation of the Constitution. So people started going into courtrooms just all over the country objecting to the paper currency the state was enforcing and some very interesting cases came about and it really infuriated the system. Especially the people who are benefiting from an irredeemable currency. The Framers called such people “the friends of paper money”, and so the friends of paper money have a lot of power in the USA. I got really concerned about what my position was with the IRS and I was sure they were going to use whatever testimony I might give in a 1040 return against me in some sort of criminal trial. So I started pleading the 5th amendment on the tax return. Well it worked one out of three attempts and the IRS took me to trial. It's a misdemeanor to plead the 5th on a tax return, we weren't sure of that, if fact we had to go through the criminal trial in order to find out. The jury said for the last 2 years that it was right, it was perfectly OK, and so they acquitted me. But for that 1st year they thought I had willfully failed to file a return. In preparation for the trial I met my prosecutor, this all happened back in 1984. So the prosecutor introduced himself to me and I began asking him where he was from, he's from Washington but before Washington he was from New Orleans. I mentioned my cousin is from New Orleans who was a dear friend of mine and he said you're kin to him? And I said yes. Well you know we we were ordained together and I said my cousin was a Jesuit priest. Are you a Jesuit? And he said yes, wink. So I became very interested in that a Jesuit could be prosecuting tax cases for the IRS.

So I wondered what other involvement in the political system do the Jesuits have?  So when I was suppose to show at the Atlanta Prison Camp in 1987, all those years later, to serve my 1 year, which probably been reduced on good behavior to 4 months.  I decided things were a little to heated at the time to submit to federal custody so I became a fugitive.  I remained a fugitive, America's least wanted man, for about 10 years.  During that period I researched the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church in the formation of the United States and it's really an amazing story. I talk about what was going on with the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, at the time of the earliest rumbling of Colonial dissent from England, began in 1758.

Greg: Take us through it a little bit, whatever interest in your book. Go ahead.

Tupper: In 1758 the Jesuits got a new Superior General who was a very skilled diplomat, an aristocrat from Tuscany. His name was Lorenzo Ricci, the British called him Lawrence Richey and Lawrence Richey started making some subtle changes in 2 ways, first he began a promotion for discrediting Jesuits. When he was elected Superior General, by the way Superior General of the Jesuits is and absolute ruler and the Jesuit constitution gives him an actual greater power than the pope. The Jesuits are instructed in the their constitution to consider their Superior General as the person Jesus Christ. That's when they coined the black pope, he's a black pope because he's not seen, the white pope is the one that everybody knows the name of. But the black pope is the guy who rules from the background and directs the Church in a hostile world. Because the Jesuits really put on very well in what they call hostile missions. And England was a hostile mission and the Jesuits were trained in those days, schooled in Flanders which is today Belgium and it was at Sandomiers they learn how to use invisible ink, and they learned how to wear disguises and they learned how to do all sorts of psychological operations, they were well trained. Jesuits were all over England, it was Lawrence Richey who caused the what I call the blown cover as cover. The abolition of the Society of Jesus. A lot of enemies of the Jesuits talk about how the Jesuits got run out of so many countries. Well yes they were run out of France, yes they were run out of Portugal, yes Spain, yes Austria, yes Germany, they were run out of these countries in order I believe to make the Jesuits more invisible. Remember at the time the Jesuits were growing in disfavor with the Catholic Church.

The Protestants in America were growing more dissatisfied with their British Monarch. So they began to sympathize with these poor bedraggled Jesuits who were the enemies of the Catholic Church on the theory that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. One of the strong supporters of the American Revolution was John Carroll. John was a Jesuit who trained at St Omer, his cousin Charles Carroll was the richest American according to John Adams. Charles was also trained as a Jesuit at St Omer and when on to the Middle Temple in London and became a lawyer. All of the Carrolls. John's brother Daniel was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. And Daniel too was a trained Jesuit. The Society of Jesus or Jesuits used not only the Jesuits but also the Order of the Masons. The Masonic Lodge is a similar organization to the Jesuits, an absolute totalitarian hierarchy and everyone in the various degrees of Masonry obeys a higher power and that Masonic power culminates in what is known as the Unknown Superior. Nobody knows his name all they know is that they get orders from him. The orders are delivered with some sort of code so everybody knows it came from the Unknown Superior. I maintain the Unknown Superior during the American Revolution was none other than Lorenzo Ricci.

So the Masonic Lodge was just a wonderful way for Catholics militants to control the operations of Protestants. Because Catholics were forbidden to join Masonic Orders and Protestants knew that. They comprehended that to become a Freemason was to belong to a brotherhood that discriminates against Catholics. Catholics were definitely a despised minority in America. Mainly because Protestants knew that if a Catholic would hold political office, he would have to be obedient to a foreign sovereign, who is the pope. This is true, this is found in Catholic Ecclesiastical Law, that if you're a member of the Catholic Church and hold political power, you are to use it to advance the rights, honors, and dignities of the Papacy.

Another thing the Jesuits did I found very interesting, I haven't seen many writers on the subject discuss, but the very 1st publication of Sun Tzu's Art of War, in the western language, was published by the Jesuits.  The translator was the Jesuit astronomer to the Court of the Chinese Emperor, and by the way Jesuits have high positions in just about every profession throughout the world.  They are no slouches, they're really cool people.

Greg:  And what, before you came on I read something from your book regarding how you say the Papacy controls our foreign policy in our country. We'll get back and connect the dots with Tupper Saussy in 3 minutes on the Investigative Journal.


Greg: This is Tupper Saussy author of Rulers of Evil.  And Tupper I'm going right now this is part 1 of a 2 part interview so we're not going to rush through this.  But we're going to announce when going to have Tupper on for part 2 another hour.  But let's spend the next 5 minutes talking about who these guys are, who rulers of evil are, how you traced the Papacy back to the Revolutionary War to present time. And then in the next half our let's discuss what we can do about it, how to react to these people. How we can change things and then we'll of course in the second hour when you come back again we'll get into the nitty gritty, nuts and bolts of the many hundreds of years of history involving the Vatican.  And how they have infiltrated our country.  So anyway pick up where you left off for a few minutes and connect the dots.

Tupper: The most important pony a person can have in understand the subliminal forces operate is Sun Tzu's Art of War. Sun Tzu is legendary Chinese General who lived they say about 600 BC and he wrote his strategies for achieving victory. He said that there was nothing more valuable than spies and ruses, you have to be deceptive.  All warfare is based on deception and of course western people have no idea that there was such a thing as Sun Tzu until 1772 when General Ricci, Superior General of the Jesuits, Lawrence Richey, caused to be published Joseph Marie Amiot's translation of Sun Tzu in French.  It's very, very, important publication because here if you read between the lines, as you read how Sun Tzu said, if you are strong make it appear you are weak. In 1758 the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, were a political entity unto themselves. They ran virtually every crown in Europe. They were almost a separate monarchy, everyone knew this. Suddenly things start happening, the world appears to be pulled out from under them and they are kicked out one nation after another. They fall into great disrepute and in 1753 Pope Clement XIV abolished the Jesuits for all eternity. Of course they were reconstituted in 1914.


Greg:  OK we're back for the second half hour of the Investigative Journal Nov 4 2015 day on your calendar and I'm going back in time interviewing author Tupper Saussy regarding his book Rulers of Evil. If you haven't read it please get it, you can go online and find it. I find it to be a great, great exploration into the rulers of evil including of course the Jesuit Order. Now Tupper this interview was done in 2006 and I did a second part to it. Tupper passed away I believe it was 2009. In that time between then I spoke with him a number of times through e-mails and private conversations and found him to be one of the best resources of information that I ever ran across as a journalist. I remember he was telling me one time what he really wanted was people to pick up where he left off, there's so much more he says and he said go and grab some of the information I've given you and add to it. And if you find mistakes let me know. He was open to that. What an enlightening interview and I'm glad I lost it, because RBN had destroyed all my year's work when I interviewed him. Someone sent it to me and sent me most of my shows of that year. So I got them up on my website and thank you anonymous person who sent them to me. Back to Tupper Saussy.

Tupper: Nobody knew that at the time all the patriots imagined that the militants of the Roman Catholic Church are no longer. The Catholic Church looked like it was in incredible decline suddenly it became safe to hang out with guys like John Carroll and other Jesuits.  Because they were being held in disrepute by the most hated despot on earth.  This caused the Jesuits I believe to become sort of the brains behind the orchestration of the American Revolution.  I guess the listeners will simply have to crack the covers on Rulers of Evil. Because I really designed it to be a book that you wouldn't want to put down.  A lot of people keep it on the bedside table and refer to it frequently, read 2 or 3 full pages at a time. You can skip around you don't have to read it page by page, read it, you know, go to chapter 18 then back to 4.

There are some fairly tough historical passages, a lot of historical data. But I felt it was necessary to put all the data in there in order to preserve my credibility. Because if I skipped around, if I took liberties with the reporting of history somebody might say, well he's just guessing at the, will I'm not. Let me backtrack a minute, when you are examining the trail of a clandestine warrior, a guy who is trained to cover his tracks, you have to make, so you have to make some educated guesses. Because they're not going to come right out and say, yes we did this, they are always going to deny it. (inaudible) so ignorant, they live in complete un-inform-ity.

Greg: Well listen, we are going to try and inform those people and we'll be back in 3 minutes on the Investigative Journal.


Greg: OK back with my guest Tupper Saussy who has written a book called Rulers of Evil, and in Chapter one, by the way this is part 1 of a 2 part interview, we are going to finish up with part 1 on this half hour and them I will announce when part 2 is so you can come back and get the full story from Tupper Saussy himself. In Chapter One titled Subliminal Rome you say Tupper that you discovered after several years of private investigation, and you refer to that in the early part of the interview, the Papacy really does run our foreign policy in our government. Let's save all the particulars for another time, our second part, and get on to something more important right now and that is their plan. Their New World Order plan, which by the way you say isn't new it's been around for a long, long time. What can we do about it? Are we helpless, or can we do something?

Tupper: Well the plan is to simply to maintain the status quo, not as a number of commentators have you know insisted. It's not to take control of every man, woman, and child on earth and restrict freedom and all that. I think they would like the people to think that's what they are after. Because if they can get people alarmed and get them agitated and excited, if you read Sun Tzu you'll see that agitating your opponent is essential if you want to control him. If you can cause him to react in your jurisdiction he is under your control. So one of the things the Jesuits try to do is that they try to precipitate reaction, because if they can cause a reaction they can control the reaction.

So I would suggest the first thing to do is to understand that if you react you are playing into their game, and you're playing into their hands. So I would, really don't react. I study and I'm aware that their job mainly is the ruler ship of evildoers. That's why I call the book Rulers of Evil, there is a great deal of evil in the world. Evil again, rulers of evil likes to portray evil as fangs and the horror story, the horror show, the slasher idea of evil. Satan worship and stuff. Evil is simply not treating your neighbor fairly or participating in inequity. You know that is what evil is, and a lot of people do that. And I think, I'm approaching the age of geezordom now and I've been around for a long time, I've seen a lot happen in America.  And I really think that the American government has grown evil proportionally with the fall in the moral stature of the American people. I think America has become a fairly evil country and if you get an evil country you have to have more rulers of evil to take care of them. Traditionally it takes a really ingenious ruler, an ingeniously evil ruler to rule evil people. If you try to rule an evil people by a good man, because you know the good man, the prototypical good man is Jesus Christ. An he says forgive your enemies, turn the other cheek. You get a judge or a president that his attitude and he's just going to get nuked, walked all over. He going to be totally ineffective especially in a world of evil. Good people belong in the community of good people and they need to, I think the essence of being a good person is to rule yourself, don't look to some ruler, some governor, some official to rule your life, don't let him adjudicate you.

Scripture in the New Testament is filled with admonitions not to let the ungodly rule your life, well very, very safely be shown and conclusively be shown, the court system exists for the ungodly. And just look at the symbols they use. Trace the symbols. I have chapters in Rulers of Evil where I trace them, the symbols, all the way back to the very earliest symbols and icons ever ascribed by man. And actually trace these icons back to what must have been the Mark of Cain because it was found at Babylon. We know that Babylon was land that Cain first occupied and the earliest inscriptions that we find there show somebody receiving power from a heavenly body. And the shape of that heavenly body is a cuneiform inscription, it's actually an 8 rayed cross like the double cross. It's called Annu and Annu means god of heaven, he was the great sky god of the Babylonians.

Greg: You say, you say too that, this new world order is nothing new, this has been talked about since the days of Rome.

Tupper: Earlier than that. Earlier than that, It started with the Mark of Cain and you know Cain was given, he was given divine protections from anyone who would try to kill him.

Greg: Let's go on, the plan, we talk about genocide, many people are talking about all the horrendous things going to happen, a paring down of the population by perhaps even a half to two thirds. Now genocide is going on, in generations past, wars have gone on in generations past, Fascism has been around in America a long time not just in the recent 9/11 we just haven't been looking for it perhaps.

Tupper: One of the greatest identifiers of Fascism in America happened in 1945-46 when the fasces, the 2 axes, were installed on the walls on either side of the speakers stand in the House of Representatives. I mean these are the emblems of militant Fascism and how come nobody raised his hand back then and said, hey wait a minute we just defeated Fascism, why are we installing the emblems of Fascism on our walls.

Greg: You're right, anyway let say, here we go though here, we have, look at all what the New World Order is at this point, OK look at the Jesuits who are in control according to you and many other researchers, the Vatican was taking it's stance hiding behind the Papacy, hiding behind goodness, when in fact they are doing evil through these people in our government and government all around the world.

Tupper: The thing is, doing evil in order to regulate and manage evil doers.

Greg: OK

Tupper: All's fair in war, there is a wonderful Latin maxim about war, “in time of war the law sleeps”, (iure belli dormit) and our rulers of evil in America are very careful to say we are having a war on poverty, we're having a war against terrorism, a war on drugs, the cold war. As long as they can keep the people consenting to a state of war, the law can sleep. I think it's very, very important for a person to cull (select from a large quantity; obtain from a variety of sources) in his boundaries not extend his consent to the rulers of evil. Let him rule himself according to the very best system he can find and if he finds it the American legal system is the best he can find, well then good luck. I think there is a better one.

Greg: and ya, and here we go, here's a person now, you say don't get trapped in their game of basically anger and frustration.

Tupper: Very important, don't be angry and don't be frustrated. That's what they want you, they want you there. Well you're a lawyer, a good litigator loves to get his adversary angry, do that and he's won.

Greg: Once you do that, once you get him away from the issues . . .

Tupper: Yeah, he can't think.

Greg: And you are always looking for your conclusion, know where you want to end up, it's how you get there that's important. And not to jump to conclusions and what I see here, and this is really good advice I think, that faced with these people knowing it's been going on for hundreds of years. I want to get your reaction on how a person, first of all how can, let's say we are good people, and there are a number of good people in this country, they want to get rid of these evil doers, they want to get rid, get rid of this Vatican control, we have a hard time even knowing who they are the way they operate, so what is your suggestion to a person listening who has come to the conclusion that he thinks he knows who the enemy is, he thinks there's a huge problem that Fascism is going to take over all his rights. How do we react, what can we do from your perspective?

Tupper: Well Fascism is not going to take over all his rights. If he behaves as an evil doer Fascism will take over all his rights. But if he does well, he does good, and he learns what is, and he learns what the fruits of acting, of acting good look like and he shows only those fruits, well his rights are not going to be trampled. And so he really doesn't have much to worry about, he can really live a good and free life. Point to my own life because I, a very good life. You know my agent Peter Fleming wanted to call Rulers of Evil a how to book. Read history, do your homework, learn all the dramatis personae(people who figure prominently in something) are, and then pattern your life on that. You can live a really wonderful trouble free because they're not gonna, they don't want to take away everybody's rights away. They're going to take rights of people who give them a hard time away, and I don't give them a hard time. Jesus Christ looked on the Roman government with quiet derision.(contemptuous ridicule or mockery) That's a good term, quiet derision, just let them be. They're doing their job and so are the evil doers.

Greg: So basically your saying, let the evil doers rule the evil doers and as good people rule ourselves.

Tupper: Right if they come after me the first thing I'm going to do, I'm going to say what am I doing that they perceive as evil?  You know and so I guess what I do is I say . . .

Greg: (let me) perceive evil (as), you've exposed them. Do you understand what I'm getting at?  Many people don't even get down this road of exposing who these guys are.  Maybe they'll think that's evil.

Tupper: Well you see here is the thing. It wasn't enough for me to just expose them, I started to study, that's why it took me 10 years to write the book. You should have seen some of the early drafts of this book, I made these discoveries, I was ranting, I was jumping up and down, my fists were pounding on the table. There were exclamation points about every other sentence. Can you believe this? But the more drafts I did the more I reflected and digested what's really going on, that these people really do have the right to be there. Hey I'm glad evil people are ruling the evil doers around me. Because if good people were, the evil doers would just run all over them. It takes a thief to catch a thief. It takes a real wicked person to rule wicked people. So I'm, I hate to call our politicians wicked or evil people but sorry, I'm not a court of law and I'm certainly not going to sentence them to any fine or punishment or anything like that. This simply is a conclusion I made based on their fruits.

Greg: I'll tell you what, it's kind of a progression, just talking with you, from learning what the evil doer, who they are. You have to go through a rigorous, basically taking yourself through a history lesson again but one that's not presented to you, you have to uncover it because they hide it. Once you get to the point of figuring out who they are then you have to figure out what to do against them.

Tupper: That's so important. It does no good to know who they are. You have to let who they are determine a plan of action and you gotta be sure your plan of action will not be offensive.

Greg: What happens if all of a sudden we have all these good people out there who understand this? You know something it looks like to me, it's kind of like they dry up a little bit. Their power weakens.

Tupper: You're absolutely right. Hey you know what, the fields are ripe for harvest, where so much of the evil is. Get ready. So much of the evil is in the Protestant Churches.

Greg: OK

Tupper: You going to get a lot of angry telephone calls for that.

Greg: I can always say you said it.

Tupper: But I say this to Protestant pastors, actually what I say to the Protestant pastors is that your part of it, you've been annexed(add (territory) to one's own territory by appropriation) by the Roman Catholic Church, because you're keeping quiet about all this.

Greg: Exactly.

Tupper: You're allowing the people to live in ignorance.

Greg: And then there are many people who will talk about the infiltration of these pastors who have been infiltrated by the Jesuits who actually do go into these churches and try to destroy them. So yes there , take kind of, you know I had a guy, a Baptist minister just on last week who was talking about that. He was at the Baptist Convention that was going on in North Carolina and he was saying you know it's hard for him to function as a good person in the evil world, because the police are constantly hassling him for housing homeless, when down the street they're allowing drug dealers to go free and to pass on drugs. So yes you're so correct when you say it is, that pastor understands the same thing you've been talking about.

Tupper: There is charity, I got a problem with the way Americans perceive charity.   Because you know there was a woman in the Bible who came to Jesus and said, will you help my daughter and Jesus said no, I only came to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Here's Jesus asked to do a charitable act and He refuses. Of course the lady persisted and begged Him and . . . she got Jesus to help her but His initial reaction was not to do anything for her. Why would He act that way? Well I'll tell you why, because He knew that there was a system set up to care for people like that.   She didn't show Him at first blush evidence that she was a member of the lost sheep of the House of Israel.  It was later testimony, her later confessions that convinced Him that she was worthy of that kind of healing. She was not going to go to the state for her healing.  So the state is set up to handle homeless, many charitable organizations, not necessarily churches, are established, are set up to handle homeless. I think the churches have a much more important task, that is to properly enlighten their congregations to what's really going on. Let them put their energies there, but they're not doing that.

Mat 15:22 And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.

Mat 15:23 But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us.

Mat 15:24 But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Mat 15:25 Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me.

Mat 15:26 But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it to dogs.

Mat 15:27 And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters' table.

Mat 15:28 Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole rom that very hour.